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Practise questions (in Hindi)
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Nitish Kumar
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Mona spends (x+5)% and (x+10)% of his monthly income on rent and transport resp. After this he saves Rs.17820 out of his income of Rs.32400. Find his monthly expenditure on transport.
Deepshikha Dagur
3 months ago
First find monthly expenditure (32400-17820) and equate it to the total expenditure (X+5+X+10)% of per month. Find value of "X" i.e. X=15 . And put this value in (X+10) % and solve. You will be able to find answer.
Deepshikha Dagur
3 months ago
Transportation expenditure will be = (x+10)% X 32400. Put value of X in this equation.
Sajil Kunnummal
3 months ago
Thank u mam
please make course on polar form.
Nitish Kumar
a year ago
sure i am going to make it within 1 week