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Practice Questions : Part 6
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This lesson will help you answer the questions based on logarithms

Abhishek Khurana
I am Abhishek Khurana. I completed my B.Com(H) from Panjab University in 2008 & my MBA from NMIMS in 2011.

Unacademy user
Sir plz ek bar Dice wale questions pr vedio bna.dijiye jo SSC CPO me.ate hain. M facing lot of problems in those type of questions.
2 years ago
Pretty soon brother 😊 keep checking out. After the video, I can guarantee, you will never have a problem with the dice problems.
Puneet singh
2 years ago
Thanks a lot sir...
  1. Abhishek Khurana 6 times 99 percentiler in CAT MBA from NMIMS 2009-2011 8 years of teaching experience


  3. Miscellaneous Examples Example 28: Suppose, logsx log12y a, where x y are positive numbers. If G is the geometric mean of x and y, then logs G is equal to a)va b)2a cla/2 dja Solution:

  4. Miscellaneous Examples Example 29: logp q/s log/t be the possible value of sta a)1 b)-1 c)2 djBoth 1 and 2 log.p/st-1, then which of the following can Solution: logp q/s= logf ! logp st...) log, p/st = 1 => log, pst Combining (i) and (ii), we get > (st). =1 > st 1.

  5. Miscellaneous Examples Example 30: If log 24 1.48 and log 54 1.56, then find log36. Solution: log 24 log (2x2x2x3) 3 log 2+log 3 1.48 log 54 = log (2x3x3x3) = log 2 + 3 log 3 1.56 By simplifying these two equations, we get 4 log2 +4 log3 3.04 i.e, 2 log2+ 2 log 3 1.52