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PQRS/ Parajumble (in Hindi)
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Vijendra Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vijendra Singh
Teaching at Sanctum English Jaipur for three and half years. 600 selections so far in SSC & Bank exams. SUTRA - Read write read write .....

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sir reading ability Kaise badaye
sir please add more videos on this topic
sir, Q2.. why not SRQP?
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a year ago
Sry, got it
  1. Parajumble/PQRS CGL MAINS PAPER -17 Vijendra

  2. 1. P: No partner is expected to air the views of a particular group in public. Q: The only requirement is that the coalition partners have to stick to a code of conduct. R: Every coalition party has to own the responsibility for all government policies or actions. S: Experience has now shown that a coalition government can run as smoothly as any single party government

  3. 2. P: Biographies of great men can also help us in learning good manners Courtesy and politeness is the key to good manners. No doubt these are little words but if they are spoken at the right moment and in a soft Q: R: and sweet voice, they are bound to work wonders S: The use of polite words like "Sorry", "Please", "Thankyou", "Beg your pardon", "Sir" etc. creates a healthy impact on the minds of others.

  4. 3. P: One has to work hard to establish, develop and maintain deep and lasting bonds with those who matter in one's life. Q: As "Man is not an island entire of itself", he cannot be happy in isolation. R: Humans live out their life in the company of their family, friends, colleagues, superiors, even total strangers in buses and lifts. S: And, brick by brick, they must build their relationship with each one, to lay a secure foundation for their road to happiness.

  5. 4. Superstitions mean an irrational belief in or notion of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, or the like P: Q: This is a universal phenomenon cutting across caste, communal, and even national boundaries. R: All over the globe, people have superstitions, although the superstitions may vary from country to country or from region to region S: Nor does education drives away superstitions completely.

  6. 5. P: All these ensure that the world we live in grows a new skin every few years. Q: These influences do, of course, work on humankind but they have the greatest impact on that section of society which is on the threshold of discovery-discovery of the self, of life and of living. R: The life and times of two generations cannot be identical or even similar, thanks to modern research, progress in science, faster and easier communications and even distasteful things like inflation and population explosion expectations, behavioural patterns and values.

  7. 6. P: A certain moral code of conduct is ultimately necessary to ensure that the society does not fall prey to degeneration of values, which would lead to rampant sufferings and ultimately chaos Q: Society's concerns are our concerns: anything capable of causing a detrimental impact on it in the short term or in course of time is ultimately bound to affect us and our children R: When we talk about social morality of any kind, what comes into play is our ability to feel for the well-being of our society. It is a concern to help the society by safeguarding it from unwanted ills and malaise and ensuring its well-being that is at the root of social morality S:

  8. 7. P: Those who say death should be the punishment in some cases, agree that it is to be in special cases alone, the most heinous and gravest of crimes. Q: They feel that it is only fear of severe punishment that will deter the criminal and reduce the occurrence of heinous crimes. R: The advocates and the abolitionists of capital punishment have their own arguments in support of their stand. S: The most prominent argument put forth by the advocates of the death penalty is that of deterrence.

  9. 8. P: There was once a time when people looked forward to the lazy evenings Q: They had a simple choice of programmes on Doordarshan R: It was entirely up to them- to watch or not to watch the selected presentation S: Today, the satellite and Cable Television have stormed the media world of information and entertainment.

  10. 9. P: He wanted to do something to deliver the humanity from all such misery. He reflected on this problem for long. Q: Siddhartha was greatly touched as he saw an old man, a sick man and a dead body. R: At last on hearing some words from the mouth of a hermit which encouraged tore t for einaone eand so into the S: Before going, he had a lasting glance on his beloved wife Yashodhra and son, Rahul, who were enjoying a sound sleep at midnight