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Position of Octahedral Void
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Position of Octahedral void in FCC or ccp unit cell

Mritunjay Pandya is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mritunjay Pandya
Gold Medalist University Topper (Medicinal Chemistry)Youtube channel Gravity Circle 41K+ subscribers, 2.7M+views, 214k+ views on unacademy

Unacademy user
Thank you so much sir! I have a doubt, how the hybrid or the proportional representation system would help in increasing the women representatives in the state assemblies and Lok Sabha?
Visakh Nair
2 years ago
it could help in women's representaion if some structural changes are made in the political arena. like implementation of 33 percent quota for women parliamentarian plus lot of awareness and increase in literacy would help in making it more useful. then as per law commissions recommendation if we add extra 25 percent seats we could bring more women representative.
Shivam singh
2 years ago
MY TAKE ON IT;-- there could be competition among political party to get more vote of women by showing that their party is more Gender neutral . Because all what matters is proportion in result it can increase no. of women reprehensive at UNION and state. What happens in todays cast politics but in turn increase representation in oppressive community.
Bhawna Paliwal
2 years ago
Thank you :)