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Packing of solid in 3D
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Packing in 3D - AAAA type and ABAB..type

Mritunjay Pandya is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Mritunjay Pandya
Gold Medalist University Topper (Medicinal Chemistry)Youtube channel Gravity Circle 41K+ subscribers, 2.7M+views, 214k+ views on unacademy

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1. dharmachakra parivartana - unable to find helpful details online. 2. achaemenid pillars vs mauryan pillars - unable to find helpful details online. 3. In video, you said, currently, Ashoka Chakra is not part of emblem, as per this link. Copying from Wikipedia. The actual Sarnath capital features four Asiatic lions standing back to back, symbolizing power, courage, confidence and pride mounted on a circular base. At the bottom is a horse and a bull, and at its centre is a beautiful wheel (Dharma chakra). The abacus is girded with a frieze of sculptures in high relief of an elephant (of the east), a bull (of the west), a horse (of the south), and a lion (of the north), separated by intervening wheels, over a lotus in full bloom, exemplifying the fountainhead of life and creative inspiration. Carved from a single block of sandstone, the polished capital is crowned by the Wheel of the Law (Dharma Chakra). Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere. thanks again Vignesh!!
Nice work Swaroop, Lets wait for some more comments after that I will post the answers :)
Roobitha Masanam
3 years ago
What he told was, the chakra above the capital is not our national emblem which is correct only :-)