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Planned Economy 1 (in Hindi)
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POSCO case, conflicts, agreements and debates after independence

Abhishek Anant from IIT-ISM dhanbad(mining machinary). IES qualified. Happy going. Movie freak.try to stay fit:) Individuality is my strength.

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ma'am If H-atom in ground state is excited by monochromatic radiation of wave length 975A. Number of spectral lines in resulting spectrum emitted will be? In this question how we will know the value of n2?? Pls help me😩
Bindu Patro
8 months ago
use the formula of wave number i.e. 1/wavelength = Rydberg constant [1/(n1)^2 - 1/(n2)^2] and find n2 from here .
  1. Political Developments in India Since Independence Part-ll Abhishek Anant

  2. About Me Abhishek Anant B.Tech IIT (ISM) Dhanbad 201 1 IT JEE 2007 GATE 2013 UPSC IES 2013 Hobbies: Read, Sing, Teach, Sketch

  3. Politics of planned development A Recent Case: POSCO in Orissa 2006 Orissa: huge reserve of untapped iron ore State Govt to encash the opprtunity mportant investment destination MoU with both national & international steel makers Increasing global steel demand Korean company Posco plant in Jagatsinghpur

  4. Conflicting interests on POSCO plant Central Govt feels such resistance would discourage investment and thus developement Environmentalists ear mining an industry would ollute the environment Tribal population fears displacement Solution?? In a democracy, although experts should be consulted, such decisions must be a political one, taken by people's representatives

  5. Post independence agreements and questions Agreements Debates Development social & economic justice Govt.'s role?? Need of Plannino commission Govt.'s involvement in running the business economic grow th + Govt. should play a key role and the matter should not be left to indutrialists & farmers Social justice v/s economic growth.

  6. Left parties v/s Right parties Left: in favour of the poor, downtrodden sections and support govt Right: believe that free competetion and market econom alone ensure policies for the benefit ofprogress and govt should these sections. not intervene.

  7. Who wants Development? Contradictions conflicting intersets and debates Industrialists More plants, shopping malls, capitalism People usually refer to west as std. for measuring devpt. Westernisation Development Urban consumer Adivasi: better conditions of Better quality of products, living, fulfillment of basic needs food water shelter etc. Westbreakdown of traditional Social structure and rise of Capitalism and liberalism, material progress and scientific rationality. accessabilit Nations> Developed, developing & underdeveolped.

  8. What did we choose? Europe & Us USSR Socialists Capitalists Consensus Socialist model Leaders of CPI Socialist Part Task of poverty alleviation and social and economic redistribution has to be responsibility of the govt Colonial Nehru & others in Congress Experience dustrial developmentVs Agricultural development Need of planning >> Weak right parties Proximity to ussian ideology

  9. Need of Planning e Great depression in Europe Inter war reconstruction of Japan & Germany Consensus for Plannin f USSR in conomic growth o 1930s & 40s against heavy odds In 1944, ig industrialists got together and made a plan which required Govt to take major initiatives in industrial and economic sector. This was called Bombay Plan.

  10. Planning Comission e Set up in March, 1950 b a simple govt resolution Non constitutional, non statutory body Recommendations become effective after cabinet approval Prime Minister is it's chairman Recently PC was done away with and a policy formulating body, NITI Aayog was instituted, Five vear plans were adopted, as was in USSR Th ese would give broader focus for central and state budgets and their implementation * Thus, budget & expenditure could be divided into Plan and Non Plan