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Physics Tips for JEE ( in Hindi)
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In this video, Anirudh Walia discussed important topics of Physics for JEE Advanced. Approach to attempt Physics paper.

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Anirudh Walia
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  1. Last Minute Tips for JEE Advanced Exam Strategy Paper Strategy Anirudh Walia

  2. JEE Advanced Physics Some chapters of JEE physics have a heavy weightage in the exams. Mechanics Mechanics is probably the most important topic in physics from JEE perspective. A bulk of questions in JEE are either directly mechanics questions or require you to have considerable skill in mechanics, which will help you solve a part of the question. Study fluid mechanics, Bernoulli's equation, elasticity seriously

  3. Electrostatics, Current electricity, and Magnetism This is another big section of JEE and among the most important chapters for JEE. A lot of questions are asked from the applications of Coulomb's law and Capacitance. Stick to the JEE syllabus because this topic is diverse. Don't be scared of complex circuits and try to use the fundamentals to reduce complicated circuits to simpler ones. Use Kirchhoff's laws, series parallel reduction and such tricks. Do not ignore the theoretical aspects of the topic. Motional EMF is one of the most asked topics and should be among the top priority chapters for JEE, so ensure that you practice ample of questions from it.

  4. Optics and Modern Physics Optics isn't as difficult as it seems; it is indeed one of the easiest topics for JEE. Practice many questions, and you'll be able to master it. Do not ignore Huygen's principles. Modern Physics is mostly theoretical. In this, the focus should be on understanding the nuances of Bohr's model. The common formulae should be memorized. Thermal physics and Sound waves A lot of questions are asked from waves and sound; the most common ones are from Doppler Effect.