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Mathematics tips for JEE ( in Hindi)
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In this video, Anirudh Walia discussed important topics of Mathematics for JEE Advanced. Approach to attempt Mathematics paper.

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Anirudh Walia
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  1. Last Minute Tips for JEE Advanced Exam Strategy Paper Strategy Anirudh Walia

  2. JEE Advanced Mathematics Calculus Calculus includes chapters on functions, limits, continuity, differentiability, differentiation, application of derivatives, integration, definite integrals and differential equations. Each of the above topics is important, and the calculus section covers around a third of the paper. So, you must be well-versed with every standard formula and technique used in calculus.

  3. Co-ordinate geometry This topic is all about understanding Circles, Parabola,_Hyperbola, Ellipse, and using correct formula at correct place. Vectors and 3D geometry Having done the coordinate geometry portion, most of you will find the 3D geometry portion relatively hassle-free and do well in this section.

  4. Algebra gebra questions in 3t Ehechapters on permutations students struggle with the chapters on permutations and combinations and complex numbers Probability Probability is again an important topic. Having gone through its problems and understanding the concepts of Bayes theorem etc. properly, you can solve most of the problems of JEE advanced

  5. Trigonometry The formulae of trigonometry appear everywhere in JEE Mathematics exam paper. Very few questions are purely based on trigonometry, but there are always questions that involve standard trigonometric identities. Remember that an important aspect of the JEE Mathematics preparation is memorizing standard formulae. Make sure you remember them by heart. Keep practicing