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Phrasal Verbs (in Indonesia)
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Lesson phrasal verb adalah materi yang paling sering dipahami sebagai kesulitan. Karena aturannya yang tidak bisa dipastikan kecuali dengan menghafal. Tapi, di lesson ini Joesin pemahaman yang lebih sederhana agar pelajar bisa memahami phrasal verb dengan gamblang. Yuk... Belajar bareng.

Joesin T
I am your educator of English SBMPTN, UN, Scholarship, and TOEFL.

Unacademy user
mam is it necessary to take more than one case in dividing the string S in 5 parts. because we can easliy oroof it using single case also.
Sweta Kumari
a year ago
yes it's necessary
Bedanya phrasal verb dengan idiom apa kak?
Ini materi tergolong sulit, tapi tidak tahu kenapa disini saya begitu mudah memahami
  1. Lesson 07: Phrasal Verb By: Joesin http://unacademy/user/Joesin-12

  2. Definition: Phrasal verb is a verb which contains a verb and supporting particle (on, in, down, across, after, away, back, along, off, into, out, over, or up)

  3. Example Put on Give away It is cold outside, don't forget to put your jacket on. There are so many online stores on Instagram that give their product away.

  4. Function It is used to giving the another meaning from the main verb meaning.

  5. Rule 1 At least, it consists of 2 parts (verb + particle) Rule 2 It has more than one meaning

  6. Phrasal verb: 1. Separable phrasal verb. Run into, Anthony run his elementary friend into at Java Jazz Festival. 2. Non separable phrasal verb. She woke up earlier. Call on, The lecturer called on Dinda.

  7. Example The baby sitter looks after the baby gently They take their relationship up. Shara is showing off her wealth.

  8. Exercise Phrasal verb 1. Givestop trying. 2. Hold.wait. 3. Run don't have any more. 4. Get.. be friends with. 5. Get ...complete. (Through, along, on, out, up) "keep studying

  9. Answer: Give up stop trying. 2. Hold on wait. 3. 1. Run out - don't have any more. 4. Get along 5. be friends with. Get through complete. "keep studying