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Phrasal Verbs

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Himanshu Das
Senior Business Advisor, Dell. Follow me for lessons and courses on VARC for CAT and OMETs. Concepts without Practise amount to nothing!

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color of the lanthanide is given in J.D.Lee,fifth edition,page 871.
Noorul Huda
7 months ago
That colour is different I think, it's not fluorescence color and if it is so, then plz also. Let me know the edition of book
  1. Collection: Basic Grammar Lesson 1- Phrasal Verbs 1

  2. About Me . B. . from BITS Pilani Business Advisor, Dell Follow me on Unacademy:

  3. WORDS . Abandon . Abide .Abhorrence .Absorbed Abstain .Acceded Acceptable . Access Accord

  4. Question 1 The captain abandoned his teamthe fury of the spectators. [for/to]

  5. Question 2 e If you don't abidethe rules, you'll be punished. [with/ byl

  6. Question 3 Most people have an abhorrence cockroaches. [of/ towards]

  7. Question 4 e A diligent athlete is absorbed his training, [with/ into/ in]

  8. Question 5 The Shiv Sena decided to abstairn [with/ from/ at/ towards] voting in the no confidence motion

  9. Question 6 The PM accededt towards] the demands of the opposition. into/ to/ for/

  10. Question 7 His proposal is not acceptable_me. [for/ to/ with]

  11. Question 9 His statement was not accord the proof that the police collected. in .. with/ in .. to/ on. with]

  12. Summary .Abandon- to . Abide-by .Abhorrence of . Absorbed -in Abstain from e Acceded to . Acceptable to . Access- to .In accord with Of one's own accord