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Pharmacology Part 1
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Overview of the course

Dnyanada Joshi
I am a Doctor by profession and love to teach.. My special interest is in lifestyle modification and Endocrinology

Unacademy user
bro what abt the reaction cyclohexene and Cl2 /hu..will it form di halogen mono halogen could u explain with respect to ur first video in the comment
Sachin Rana
2 years ago
It can't form I suppose. The radicals won't be stable.
Stijo joseph
2 years ago
but in the tensor exam 2018 that was the question and the compound formed is 3 chloro cyclohexene was the answer iam asking u that why can't it form 3,6 cyclohexene since we are adding Cl2
Rupa k
2 years ago
cylcohexene when made to react with chlorine in presence of sunlight, it gives two products 3-Chlorocyclohexene (major) and 1,2-Dichlorohexane (minor). In first case allyl free radical is formed which is more stable due to resonance gives major product and in second case it is addition reaction involves ion mechanism, which is less stable. and coming to 3,6-Dichlorocyclohexene product it is not possible because molecule is symmetrical. you will get only monochloro derivative in case of allyl free radical generation. whether you consider clockwise or anticlockwise it will yield only one monochloro product.
Stijo joseph
2 years ago
thank u rupa..????