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Percentage Part 2 (in Hindi)
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This lesson cover the type of questions of percentage in increment decrement and prices .

Shiv kumar
DO'nt quIT BSC(CS)-Govt. college, like to teach GS and MATH

Unacademy user
Sir, regarding the media highlighting such sensitive details of CAG Reports, consider a case in which China reads these reports (for example -the one on ammunition reserves with the Army in case of war) and suddenly tries to take advantage of the situation by taking on direct attack in some part of India. Will it not become a case similar to the Pathankot issue?

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  3. again inc, 10% and -Run inc, 10% find ttal ne in 10% 331 x Too 1331

  4. 16 /6 I O find-totae change %age lo 11 to 3 lo

  5. price 2- consuption . so +Rod Rei ud be no cha penditu Erp lo o lo o 1 x2 2 Const. 3

  6. reduction in tea ould be able to purchose yka n A nte Price 20 /. pce a 4 uc-Heu) 6.25

  7. dusing 2nd inc. 20.1. o pul 6 3 25 200 Ans