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Percentage Change and Error Problem of Percentage (in Hindi)
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Percentage Change & Error Problem of Percentage (in Hindi) (Hindi) Percentage: IBPS Clerk

Om Jaiswal is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Om Jaiswal
Cleard IBPS Clerk & IBPS RRB Clerk Exam, 3 Years Teaching Experience. Runs an Educational YouTube Channel with 1M+ Subscribers.

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  1. Percentage Trick for IBPS Clerk Exam PRESENTED BY- OM JAISWAL

  2. About Me...! Graduate from BHU, Varanasi. Love Music, Travelling and Technology. Follow me @ ranasi

  3. Percentage Question 04 and breath decreaed the . change m 2ey,then fndur e in the ave the rectangle!!

  4. Percentage Question 04 amd reA c im the are the reet

  5. Percentage Question 04 Are- LXB Le-o and breath decreased 2ey then find or c im the are the reet

  6. Percentage Question 04 and breath n decreased! 2ey then find or Area Lx B-Le-o left (L1H)"c change i the are the rec t c im LTNtTVE 6 A3 A

  7. Percentage Question 05 eh

  8. Percentage Question 05 then find the percentage chage in Hhe are* 24

  9. Percentage Question 06 It the pice a comnar isincruaud.r 2 '6 % and the conatsmption decrewed btw. then find out the pereataye nange that a perXan need to make in his exponditure ** thet Cemme

  10. Percentage Question 06 pmce a cdti increased 2 16 and the conawmption, decreadbt 207. then find out the peretane channe a pertan need to make in his expendituire m thet Cammodty that