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Partnership Basics (in Hindi)
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Basics of the Partnership

Nikhil Sharma is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Nikhil Sharma
Ex-Faculty, Mukherjee Ngr Delhi 4+ years of Teaching Experience. Cleared SSC CGL, IBPS PO, CLERK (Pre) EXAM LEARN WITH NIKHIL

Unacademy user
Sir if any one watch your DNA then he wouldn't go anywhere to further explanation... if video time will increase then it doesn't matter Bt sir please make it as a result student like my self will get benifited... who doesn't know that topic... e. g. ECA
may we get notes in hindi.
Nikhil Sharma
7 months ago
thanks saketh
  1. PARTNERSHIP presented by MKHIL SHARMA Rate, Review and Enroll

  2. PARTNERSHIP Rabit Shauna Ratio = capita time. Capital ( ): Protit sharing Ratio time -Time ( ): Probit sharing Ratio Capstal

  3. To pantmens A and B Stanted a business investing 50,000 and Z40000 respectiv ely ein prat atthLerd he year? Capital 5o,00 50,0oo 0 40,0 oo 5 4- PSR capdal x tiru Time is equal

  4. as. A started a business wi 21,000 and later e Toined himh 3600Atr ho many 'months did B Join it he pr tit distributed in the equal ooaer a yrar 7 Asume 12 moud investment to A. bor PSRAmount x tine 3 25 1 B Jans atten, (12-7): Smoutul