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Part:1 DIPP Preliminary Examination Answer Key-Current Affairs (in Hindi)
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DIPP preliminary examination answer key (current affairs-part:I)

I have done M. Sc in Chemistry from IIT Hyderabad and I qualified IIT JAM 2016, CSIR NET dec2017, CSIR JRF June 2019 and GATE 2018, 2019.

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very nice sir...thank you so much...i have been completed President and vice president through your videos...plz be continue according RAS syllabus, we are following you...i like your all videos its very helpful for me...
a year ago
Thank you for your appreciation
  1. 121 Azlan Shah Cup is associated with which of the following sports? (A) Football LE Badminton (B) Cricket (D) Hockey (C) ZT (D)

  2. Which of the following country is not a member of BIMSTEC organisation? (A) Myanmar (C) Malaysia 122 ) Thailand (D) Bhutan 7 6o

  3. 123 Which city is declared as cleanest city under the Swachh Survekshan 2018 survey? (A) Indore (C) Chandigarh (B) Delhi Bhopal (B) (Tr

  4. 124 India's longest rail cum road bridge 'Bogibeel' wil come up over 2 which river? (A) Ganga C) Brahmputra (B) Yamuna (D) Indus (B) TFT

  5. 125 5th BIMSTEC Summit to be held in which of the following country? 9 (A) Srilanka (B) Myanmar (C) India (D) Bangladesh (A) (B) H

  6. 123rd Constitutional Amendment Bill is related to which of the following: (A) National Commission for Backward class (B) National Commission for Woman (C) Prevention of Atrocity Act (D) GST Bill 126 (D) GST

  7. 127 "Satyagraha Se Swacchhagraha' has been launched by which minist (A) Ministry of Urban Development (B) Ministry of Home Affairs (C) Ministry of Panchayat Raj (D) Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation

  8. 128 What is 'Eye ROV TUNA'? (A) Robot (C) Submarine 'Eye ROV TUNA' (B) Missile (D) Underwater Drone (C) TTS

  9. 129 Who was named Most valuable player' (MVP) of Asian Games 2018? (A) Kosuke Kitajima (C) Rikako Ikee (B) Park Tae-hwan (D) Rehan Pocha (D) F e

  10. 130 In which city was the 21st National Conference on e-Governance held ? (B) New Delhi D) Gurugram (A) Ahmedabad (C) Hyderabad

  11. 132 Nobel prize in chemistry for 2017 was given for the development of (A) New type of Hydrogen bonding B) Cryo-electron microscopy (C) Hormone based therapy (D) Discovery of Pencillin

  12. 134 Blue baby syndrome is caused by which of the following pollutant? (A) Fluoride (C) Sulphate (B) Cadmium (B) Nitrate (B) 55 qq