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Part - 6: Monetary Aggregates M0 M1 M2 M3 M4, Kafala System, Core of Core schemes
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This is a quick revision course. Important facts and theories are covered comprising Monetary Aggregates M0 M1 M2 M3 M4, Kafala System, Core of Core Schemes, OSIRIS REx.

Abhishek Charan
Law Graduate Gujarat National Law University • Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) - Rank 34 • Dawn, Sunshine & Tea •

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Sir, how to understand C2O4 is a complex ligand.
Please make one video on oil spill in Chennai n other such climate , pollution related incidents...
Abhishek Charan
2 years ago
Snehaprava, this course is already over. Yet I shall try in the next course. ????
Snehaprava Swain
2 years ago
Ok thank U Sir..:)
Thanx a lot Banna.your lessons are rich with fine details and simple presentation.Plz keep up the good work and wish u all the best.Jai shree sa.
Abhishek Charan
2 years ago
Welcome Rahul Banna. I hope u enjoyed the lessons.
Rahul charan
2 years ago
Indeed Banna.Would also like to appreciate the poise and grace with which u delivered the lessons....absolutely majestic.Awaiting more lexis in the days to come.Regards Rahul.
Thank you Sir, your videos have been immensely helpful in revising important topics on Current Affairs.
It's Awesome!!! Thank you sooo much!!! plz continue such series every month after prelims like monthly important current affairs series.....It's a request to Dr.Saini and Abhishek sir both...
Last slide is really nice. All joint defence ex there. Kudos.
Abhishek Charan
2 years ago
  1. Course Title Most Important Topics for Prelims Exam

  2. Course Description & Objective This course is about 30+ topics and facts one must know before attempting any exam especially UPSC CSE. Lessons will provide Quick Revision in very short time. IMPORTANT FACTSIMPORTANT THEORIES Especially designed for long time aspirants who are lookingfor gap filling info and Especially designed for long time aspirants who are looking for gap filling info and some facts to munch on. However for freshers as well it would be of immense help as to what to read and how much to read when preparing for IAS/CSE.

  3. Monetary Aggregates Narrow money: MO and M1 Broad money: M2, M3 or M4 M0 = Reserve money = High powered money. M0 = Currency in circulation + Bankers' deposits with the RBI +Other deposits with the RBI Liquidity: M1>M2>M3>M4 M1- Currency with the public+ Demand deposits with the banking System + Other deposits with the RBI M2 = M1 + Post Office Savings Demand Deposits. Money Multiplier (m) [M1/MO OR M3/MO] The money multiplier is an approach used to demonstrate the maximum amount of broad money that could be created by commercial banks. M3 = M1 + Time deposits with the commercial banks. M4 = M3 + Total Post Office Deposits (excluding NSCs)

  4. Qatar Abolishes Kafala Kafala System: Under the system, migrant workers' visas are tied to the employers so that they cannot change jobs without the consent of their employers. Nitaqatlaw is one of the major reason of the retrenchment of Indian workers from Saudi Arabia. 30% Saudis Compulsory.

  5. Rationalisation of Centrally Sponsored Schemes Shiv rai Singh Chouhan Committee Core Schemes: Around 20 Schemes National Social Assistance Programme (a) For 8 North Eastern States and 3 Himalayan States: Centre: State: 90:10 (b) For other States: Centre: State: 60:40 Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme Umbrella Scheme for Development of Scheduled Castes Umbrella Scheme for Development of Scheduled Tribes CORE OF THE CORE Existing Funding pattern of the Core of the Core Schemes would continue. Optional Schemes: 2 Schemes Umbrella Programme for Development of Minorities Shyama P Mukherjee Rurban Umbrella Scheme for Development of Backward Classes, Differently Abled and other Vulnerable Groups BADP a) For 8 North Eastern States and 3 Himalayan States: Centre: State: 80:20 b) For other States: Centre: State: 50:50

  6. OSIRIS-REx The Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource ldentification, Security, Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) is a NASA asteroid study and sample return mission. Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) is a NASA asteroid An asteroid was chosen as the target of study because an asteroid is a 'time capsule' from the birth of our Solar System. asteroidis a time capsule from Asteroid Bennu is a threateningEarth impactor, with an estimated 1-in-1,800 chance of hitting Earth in the year 2170.

  7. Nepal Surya Kiran IX Lamitye Multi-national FTX/ UK AJEY KONKAN INDRA Khanjar IV Kyrgyzstan WARRIOR DHANUSHH Seychelles SEAN plus Force 18 CORPATGaruda Shakti IV Indonesia Surya Kiran XI Nepal Mongolia Nomadic Elephant Maitree Prabal Dostyk hailand Kazakhstan Indra & Avia Indra Mitra Shakti Surya Kiran X Russia Sri Lanka Nepal Al Nagah-li Oman Naseem Al BahrEastern Bridge Bold Kurukshetra Singapore Sampriti Hand in Hand Ekuverin Bangladesh China Maldives Nomadic Mongolia Elephant XII USA Yudh Abhyas Malabar Japan France Shakti Red Flag Malabar, Sahyog-Kaijin Varunaa Garuda

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