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Part - 1- National Health Policy, NITI
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Most important topics for prelims such as National health policy 2017, National acation agenda, cpi wpi iip Mahasthangarh Sirre Akbar etc

Abhishek Charan
Law Graduate Gujarat National Law University • Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) - Rank 34 • Dawn, Sunshine & Tea •

Unacademy user
there is one suggestion.. i feel detailed translation of the each wrong options in the questions to hindi are not necessary.. it can save more time... instead you can first give the answer and explain it.. like Roman Sir's current affaris MCQ...
Anjali Kushwaha
2 years ago
Okay..will keep in mind :)
can any one tell me how to go slide section in unacademy
Kusum Ujwal
2 years ago
there is a small toggle near full screen wala toggle...try clicking everything on
thanks kusum
swachh bharat abhiyan aims to eradicate open defecation by 2019
sir is it mandatory to have Rajasthan domicile to appear for RAS please clarify I am confused
Abhishek Charan
2 years ago
no, its not mandatory
Abhishek Charan
2 years ago
no, its not mandatory
dara shikho brother of aurangzeb
Abhishek Charan
2 years ago
Absolutely right.
mind blowing and fantastic finisher for revisions
Abhishek Charan
2 years ago
I hope you too finished the course. All the best!!
  1. Most Important Topics for Prelims Exam

  2. Profile: Resource Person Abhishek Charan Law Graduate -Gujarat National Law University Rajasthan Administrative Services (Rank-34)

  3. Course Description & Objective This course is about 30+ topics and facts one must know before attempting any exam especially UPSC CSE. Issues like SDGs, National Health Policy 2017, Different Indices like CPI WPI etc have discussed in brief from exam point of view. Especially designed for long time aspirants who are looking for gap filling info and some facts to munch on. However for freshers as well it would be of immense help as to what to read and how much to read when preparing for IAS/CSE. Lessons will provide Quick Revision in very short time.

  4. NATIONAL HEALTH POLICY 2017 National Health Policy 2017: Current Rates & Targets Eliminate: Leprosy by 2018, Kala azar (black fever or visceral leishmaniasis) by 2017 Life expectancy Mortality Rate Targets In 2017 Under-FiveMortality 11 50 . 67.5 70 yea.. years (Deaths per 1,000 births) 23 Infant Mortality Rate41 Total Fertility Rate er 1,000brihs) (Deaths per 1,000 births) 28 Lymphatic filariasis Neonatal Mortality Rate 28 (elephantiasis) in endemic pockets by 2017. Tuberculosis cases and reach elimination status by 2025 HIV (90:90:90) by 2020 Non communicable reduce 25% by 2025 NOTE: Chidren bom per woman Still Birth Rate (Deaths 23 per 1,000 births) 10 167 Public Health Expenditure 1.16%2.5% NOTE: As Percentage of GDP Maternal Mortality (Deaths per 100,000 births) 100 100 Deaths 200 Current Target

  5. NITI: NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENDA Fifteen Year Vision, Seven Year Strategy and Three Year Action Agenda The Action Agenda covers the period from 2017-18 to 2019-20, the last years of the Fourteenth Finance Commission. VARIOUS TARGETS, EXAMPLE 3% FISCAL DEFICIT BY 2019 0.9% REVENUE DEFICIT BY 2020

  6. CPI -WPI--IIP CPI IW CPI AL CPI RL Labour Bureau Chandi garh CPI-URBAN CPI WPI IIP Base Year Base Year 2011 . Base year. ar B 2012 CSO 2011 . CSO . DIPP

  7. Sagarmala Programme Ministry of Shipping 415 projects, Period 2015 to 2035. Sagar Island Paradip Outer Harbour Odisha Sirkhazi Enayam Belikeri Vadhavan West Bengal Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu Karnataka Maharashtra

  8. Mahasthangarh 3rd century BC archaeological site in Bogra, Bangladesh' Declared as the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) cultural capital for the year 2016-17. The year 2016-17 has also be declared the SAARC Year of Cultural Heritage.

  9. Dara Sikolh He completed the translation of fifty Upanishads from their original Sanskrit into Persian in 1657 His translation is often called Sirr-e-Akbar ("The Greatest Mystery")

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