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Part 2 Ratio and Proportion Basics CSAT Paper 2 (in Hindi)
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This is a part2 Ration & Proportion CSAT Paper2.The content of the video is from basic to advanced level so that any student have weak basics can easily understand the concept

Mayank pahwa
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Mayank Pahwa from Delhi. I have done graduation in Btech(CSE)First Class

Unacademy user
sir even in 1919 bicameral legislature was introduced but at centre. so i think provincial autonomy would be the appropriate answer. please do correct and update me.
yeah kunal, thanks for correcting, its provincial autonomy I apologise for the mistake
Kunal Agarwal
2 years ago
thank you sir for updating. please do post more mcq.
2 years ago
thank you kunal
Kunal Agarwal
2 years ago
very nice sir...really good
  1. Ratio & Proportion Presented by Mayank

  2. roach 2 2 163 12:3 Di D2 N, N2 N3 , N

  3. Rs arto us divided 4 : 9 7:10 30 R= 3000

  4. a) The incewu Rog divided ends A 6, C kD such that A:B-2:3 B:c-3:1 , c:D=4:1. And the total nceme R

  5. A-1 6 2 x 3 x:3x3x1 :3xlx1: 3x)xI 24 3612 3 8 12: 4I

  6. 8 12 4 1 NRadi we ut coma