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Part 2: Important Branches of Biology(in hindi)
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This lesson deals with Part 2 of important branches of Biology for upcoming BPSC and other Exams.

Ravi Ranjan Kumar
Founder of "The Selection Guru" Competitive Institute.Qualified:more than half a dozen govt.Exams.Youtube channels "UnBook" & "UnBook Talks"

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Thanks Siddhath, first time in my life I know why Pi = 180 degree :)
plz complete remaining topics sir
please upload more topic
  1. Specific Branches of BIOLOGY By-Rawi RanjanKua 20

  2. Chemotherapy(TRT) treatment with chemical compounds.

  3. Hygiene( 615T): - study of healthcare.

  4. Mammography( Breast cancer. :- inspection of

  5. Neurology:- study and treatment of nerves

  6. Odontography:- study of teeth

  7. Ornithology(3 t): study of birds.

  8. Horticulture:- production of fruits,vegitables,flowers,Gardenigs related study

  9. Gerontology(kcraot facts related to old Age.

  10. Ex-biology:- Study of life prospects On other planets and satellites other than the Earth