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Part 1 - One Word Substitution ( in Hindi).
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In detailed Discussion of One Word Substitution ( in Hindi).

Komal Tondak

Unacademy user
3)Causes of TB in India: #the first and foremost cause of TB in India is the pollution, Indian cities are infamous for their pollution, as per the latest report Gwalior has the highest incidence of pollution #We cannot say pollution is the only cause of TB as we can see Nigerian city is ranked first in pollution and even Pakistan's Peshawar is ranked second, the reason is the population density of India and its geographical and climatic position, the tropical region which is an Ideal environment for the spreading of disease #third reason is the weak immune system among people, which directly relates to the lack of nutrition, India ranks 97 in the GHI 2016, which means not only lack of food but also lack of Micro Nutrients which is one of the major reasons for the spread of Bacteria #Fourth reason is the low level of awareness among people, even though 40% of Indian people has TB in their system (both active and inactive) no one is aware of what TB is or how to treat them, this is reflected in number of patients receiving treatment for TB(only 1.5 million people, only 16% who have TDR-TB and XDR-TB) #Lack of Medical facilities in rural areas, India needs more primary health specialist in rural areas but currently driven by economical and societal interest all the medical students prefer only higher education and advanced surgical studies which of very low utility in India and hence India still lack doctors in its rural areas even though it has well trained doctors #Lack of awareness among people give time to the bacteria to evolve and ultimately leading to development of drug resistance, by the time the person finds out that he has TB the treatment cost will be high due to drug resistance and hence he will stay away from treatment due to lack of resources 2)Way forward: #First awarness among the people needs to be improved, by advertising about TB #Second, we have to increase the number of Primary Health centers and the number of doctors in them so that the rural poor can have easy access to their problems and the TB can be diagnosed in the earlier stage- Now a days the earlier the disease is diagnosed the cheaper it will be due to the emergence of MDR #Hunger needs to be eradicated, when the immune system is strong the bacteria cannot evolve or multiply and there by remaining inactive or not getting infected at all # Inclusion of all people in government supported Medical treatment for TB and also development of indigenous third line antibiotics which are effective as well as cheap for treating XDR TB, costlier medicines are one of the prime reason for people staying away from TB