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Part-1 English Idioms and Phrases (in Hindi)
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Akhilesh Yadav
Perfect Presence Award 🌞Expert in Indian Polity|Graduate-DELHI UNIVERSITY|Qualified UPSC CDS,AFCAT |Appeared in SSB|NCC ‘C’ certificate

Unacademy user
sir exam take full vocab ho jayegi kya
is this video for afcat?
Akhilesh Yadav
2 months ago
Maruthi cn
2 months ago
thanks bro
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  3. 1. In a jiffy - Very soon or suddenly 2. Up to the hilt Completely fully or entirely

  4. .3. Man of letters A literary person .4. Sangfroid - The ability to remain calm in difficult situations

  5. .5. A curtain lecture A private scolding of a husband by his wife 6. Square peg in round holes - People in the wrong jobs or places

  6. *7. In weal and woe In both good and bad times .8. Globetrotters Travel around the world

  7. .9. Tickled pink Greatly pleased 10. Split one's side To laugh a lot

  8. 11. Building castles in the air - Making impossible plans 12. At the drop of the hat - Willingly and immediately

  9. 13. Airy - fairy Not practical 14. Be given the axe - To lose job

  10. 15. To go like a bomb - To move fast 16. Bolt from the blue - Unexpected

  11. 19. The identificatiorn of a disease by its symptoms - Diagnosis 20. Prolongs inability to sleep - Insomnia