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Para Jumbles: Basic Rules Part 1 (in Hindi)
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Pooja Duboliya
Credit Manager at CFL, PGDM(finance), Graduate, Loves to teach(you are my motivation😀) Stay positive!Work hard!Make it happen

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explanation is amazing sir
  1. PARA JUMBLES By:Pooja Duboliya

  2. Course overview Basic rules o How to solve the questions o How options can help you find the right answer.

  3. Some basic Rules

  4. ences_look for the sub In the sent ject_i.e. a person,_place,_committee, or concept. That will most likely be the opening sentence e.g 1. He was looking forward to opening up the presents in the solitude of his room. 2. Rohan's birthday was celebrated with a big bash. 3. But the guests insisted he open them up right there 4. Several people arrived at his home with gifts.

  5. Follow the sequence e.g 1. She said on phone that she would report for the duty next day We waited for few days then we decided to go to her place But she did not We found it locked Even after that we waited for her quite a few days Eventually we reported to the police 2. 3. 4. 5. 6 O.

  6. Articles (a, an, the e.g 1. Where she had put up 2. By jumping from the first floor balcony of the hotel 3. A French women Who had came to Calcutta 4. committed suicide

  7. If all the articles (a, an, the) are present as the starting words of different sentences then they are arranged as follows a)The sentence starting with 'A' comes first b) The sentences starting with 'An' and 'The' will follow the sentence starting with A' according to their content.

  8. Noun Pronoun noun will come first and will be referred to later using suitable pronouns e.g 1. She drove her car into the parking lot and stopped 2. Manisha went shopping one morning 3. It was there that she realised that she'd forgotten her purse at home. 4. She got out and walked to the nearest shop

  9. e.g 1. I deemed it proper to take leave 2. As I had frequently done before 3. I saw that it had been my intention to pass the night there 4. But seeing my host in this mood

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