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Panchayati Raj MCQ's ( in Hindi)
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Imp panchayat raj mcq

Sonu Kurmi

Unacademy user
ma'am while proving the uniqueness of inverse i think you missed some points that should have been mentioned, \\\\1) we could either assume two distinct inverse values existing for an x and then prove them to be equal or we could prove that for any x x*1, x*2, x*3... all values are distinct as that would imply each combination of the elements in the group is unique (* is the operation here and not multiplication)
Siddharth Jha
2 years ago
\\\\2) now when you wrote x*i =x*j, that will imply xi mod n = xj mod n, from here of course we can write n | x(i-j)
Siddharth Jha
2 years ago
\\\\3) in your explantion of the contradiciton, i felt it a bit difficult to understand, so i concluded by a little different logic, this might be useful for the viewers :- if n | x(i-j) then either one of x or (i-j) must be 0 or n. x can't take the values as 0 and n do not belong to the set but i-j can be equal to 0, which in turn will prove that i=j or that no two distinct elements when operated on the a third element will give the same result
Siddharth Jha
2 years ago
if anyone needs a proof by the other method, i.e. taking 2 different values of inverse and prove them to be same, do reply
Supriya Singhal
2 years ago
Heyy!! great effort and kudos to the dedication:) Actually, what you are suggesting here is what I have done. I have basically done the same way as you said - operating x with every element and proceeding the video at 7:11 and let me know if you still have doubts:)
Siddharth Jha
2 years ago
yes ma'am, the method is exactly the same, i just wasn't able to understand the solution and the inferences that you had made at certain steps. So, i got down to do the problem on my own and I just meant to put a little bit detailed explanation for anyone else who is trying to figure out how were the steps done
Supriya Singhal
2 years ago
This is amazing....Thanks and keep up the spirits!
Thank you sir for this video sir panchayati raj k aur topics cover kijiye plz..
Vry imprtnt...ques ans..thnq 4 making such vedios..sir
patwari k liye aur bhi ase hi btaiye sir... kaise Kitna Kya aaiga exm m
Patvari and mppsc ke liye bhut acha hai sir thanks
science imp per video banaye sir ji
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