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Pair Idioms Part1(In Hindi)
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In this lesson there will be brief description of theme based idioms with proper examples and explanation to make it easy to understand.

Shalini Bhatt
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As you told candidate key should be unique . However in student_course relation both of the column are not unique. So it couldn't be a candidate key . Can you some clarification on this.
Sweta Kumari
10 months ago
Stud_No and Course_No is composite candidate key in student_course Relation.
Sweta Kumari
10 months ago
Hey Sourav, Hope you are preparing well for exams. Have you watched all the courses related to the strategy? Kindly provide your feedback through Reviews ...and let me know that my courses are helpful or not.
Sweta Kumari
10 months ago
Dear Learner, I will not be able to upload the course today for test series because I am not well enough to create courses. So, I want to inform you that I will upload the test series on 1st August.
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  4. PAIR IDIOMS SNO WORDS MEANING Joy and sorrow Success and failure 1 Weal an woe 2 Ups and downs 3 Pros and cons Advantages and disadvantages 4Sum and substance Meaning aist or summary Meaning,gist or summary

  5. PAIR IDIOMS SNO WORDS MEANING 5 Hard and fast Strict 6 To and fro Backward and forward 7 Cut and dried Ready made 8 Ins and outs Full details

  6. PAIR IDIOMS SNO WORDS MEANING 9 Far and wide In all directions 10 Spic and span Neat and clean 11 On and on Continuously 12 Again and again Repeatedly

  7. PAIR IDIOMS SNO WORDS MEANING Irregularly Irregularly In all possible ways Be very close 13 Off and on By fits and starts By hand and foot Be hand and glove 14 15 16