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Human Being Idioms Part1(In Hindi)
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In this lesson there will be brief description of theme based idioms with proper examples and explanation to make it easy to understand.

Shalini Bhatt
Unacademy VERIFIED ✔ and Star Educator⭐having 4 years teaching experience, done BSC honours and cleared IBPS clerk pre and SSC CGL pre

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mam isn't this one correct? A gentleman at large is an idiom in English and used for someone who has lots of wealth as well as time. but you had given : a unreliable person. !!!!!!
Shalini Bhatt
a month ago
yes are's the meaning but idioms ke meaning hume options dekhkar relate karne hote hain...and this idiom was in exam but options mein wealthy nahi queation nein hane relate karna jo wealthy hoga uspar pely nahi jar sakte kya pata help.kare na kare.....yeh sare questions examination ke options se hain
Shalini Bhatt
a month ago
*us question mein hume relate karna tha.... ki jo wealthy hoga uspar rely nahi kar sakte
i got it. thanks a lot for your response.. mein bhul gya the sometimes options unexpected hote hain.
god bless you mam
Shalini Bhatt
a month ago
Thank you sir
thanks for giving knowledge mam
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  4. HUMAN BEING IDIOMS SNO WORDS 1 At one's wit's end 2 At the spur of the MEANING Perplexed At the exact time moment 3 Above board Honest and straight forward 4 At fit as a fiddle Strong and healthy

  5. HUMAN BEING IDIOMS SNO WORDS MEANING By one means or another Repent To destroy Die while in service By hook or by crook 6 Cry over spilt milk 7 Dig the grave 8 Die in harness

  6. HUMAN BEING IDIOMS SNO WORDS 9 Eat humble pie 10 Gentlemen at large An unreliable person 11 Give the devil his due Give credit to a worthless person for MEANING To apologize his good qualities 12 Kith and kin Blood relation