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Hello everyone! This course explains science in the most interesting way... which will definitely help u for the exams and also provides you confidence for the subject...all the best 😊

Pillai Sruthi P Kumar
I am a botany graduate from Ramnarain Ruia college, Mumbai university. Currently, a civil service aspirant. I am passionate about teaching.

Unacademy user
sir, with the explanation also write which is the answer. it will be easy for revision
Brajesh Mohan
a year ago
I will try but but these MCQs are posted for practice so that you can check your preparation about current affairs.
Shibin John
a year ago
thank u sir
Didi, are you a youtuber? If yes, what is the name of your channel??'s 'Sruthi Pillai'
14 days ago
Ohh, I will surely check it out😍
10 days ago
9 days ago
Checked it out! It's awesome! Keep uploading
yes definitely 🙏😘
mam please Hindi translation study
Oh...k...I'll make in hindi too
hi mam very nice Classes
Thank you 🙏
please mam give pdf
I am not having...u can download from unacademy
You can download it from the app


  2. Hello, everyone.! My name is Pillai Sruthi P Kumar ch v Iam a BSc Botany dancer A Hindustani classical singer . A passionate speaker An actor you tuber

  3. Most important and repeated science Mcq's (Biology) For all government exams (UPSC, SSC, Railway etc.)

  4. Benefits of my course: Detailed explanation of each and every part of the subject Simple and non technical Both in English and Hindi Mcq solving after every topic from previous year papers

  5. V DNA differs from RNA in having- 1 uracil 2 adenine 3 thymine 4 cytosine 5 both, adenine and cytosi Cytosine

  6. VI Stomata are bound by a pair of guard cells. Stomata close when guard celis become- 1 turgid 2 flaccid 3 half turgid 4 half flaccid 5 smal Potassium ions Turgid guard cell Vacuole filled with water Stoma open Flaccid guard cel Stoma closed

  7. VII Hydrophobia is caused by- 1. Acute virus 2. Bacteria 3. Rabies virus 4. Varoa virus 5. tubercule

  8. Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success. Shiv Khera

  9. THANK Yeu