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In this lesson Abhishek will give an idea about the whole course along with its objectives , list of lessons and who is the target audiences.

Abhishek Kumar
I'm a Civil Engineering Graduate, Enthusiastic Learner, Passionate teacher. Do share your knowledge too using this platform.

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apa itu aneksasi?
thank you sir for this course
sir pls make in Hindi
Abhishek Kumar
2 years ago
Khushboo Panihar
2 years ago
  1. 12th -Bnvironment related chapters

  2. Overvicv ol the course course

  3. HELL I'm Abhishek Civil engineering graduate Learning; Teaching; Travelling follow me a

  4. Objective 3 Sx

  5. Target Audience You guys who are preparing for UPSC CSE

  6. Lesson Overview 1. Organism and its environment 2. Major abiotic factors and responses to it 3. Adaption, population and pyramids 4. Population interaction 5. Ecosystem,productivity and energy flow 6. Ecological pyramids and succession 7. Biogeochemical cycle 8. Biodiversity and ecosystem 9. Biodiversity and conservation 10. Pollution and its control 11. Solid wastes, agro chemicals, deforestation and nuclear wastes 12. Global warming and ozone depletion

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