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Learn with me: The art of scoring in Political Sc. & IR OPTIONALS looking 4 some advance National & International Commentary ? Follow

Unacademy user
Thank u so much Mohit sir for awesome awesome awesome awesome tricks. Kudos@unacademy
Sir I have just finished all your lessons in 4 straight days. It feels that I have just begun. Every lesson is thought provoking in itself.
2 years ago
Hahaha..glad to hear that. Did you prepare for PSIR on your own, prior to this ?
Sir I try to learn from here and there but only to get more confused. At last when I saw your course on Unacademy thats when it really began. Sir I am looking forward to continue learning Political Science from you. Thanks Sir
2 years ago
I am with you. Don't hurry through the lessons, complete the Readings as prescribed. I will add the remaining lessons soon. No worries.
Ahhhhh one more amazing course thanks a ton sir it's very helpful .
Recommend Topic- Globalization good or bad?
2 years ago
I will do this in a week..

  1. Amritanshu

  2. Overvievw . In this series of I Focus' I focus on the contemporary-confusing, repetitive and important Global & National evenfs which are doing the rounds I will deliver a holistic-yet concise account of the issues to help you learn the different theories/perspectives surrounding that, through pictures at large. I would love to be assisted on the choice of the topic for the next episode in the comment section.

  3. Helpful for! Personality Tests, . Writing Essays. . General Awareness. . Candidates with Political Science & IR as OPTIONALS . Flaunting knowledge at public places!!!!

  4. !Genre! Topics of your Choice- yeah you heard me right!! International Events National Events . Constitutional Confusions. . Realpolitik .Ethical Dilemma.... Scientific Developments. Sociological & Economical events.

  5. WALL STRU You Can Skip TIME What's News- The Indian Express Explained Page. Project Syndicate Website. Tensionentre Dan Mo INITIA.ndia erall Tiberia BBC Al-Jazeera The Big Picture- RSTVr poitevin vida de se amo Prantfurter Allgemeine Herald Eribune La Tribune Russie : un g n ral arbitre du second tot

  6. What I need in return! (quid-pro-quo) . Your Interest in the form of your choices of the next topic in the Comment Section. Ratings & Review Do not forget to Enrol s- in order to improve in the next series. Course Fee- Contribute Listen, Learn & Let me know!