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Learn with me: The art of scoring in Political Sc. & IR OPTIONALS looking 4 some advance National & International Commentary ? Follow

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sir jo bhi question he un ko hindi me bhi samjhauio ge to or achhe se smjha ayega kio ki app question bolte ho to samjha mehi nahi ata ki us question ka answare kya he question ka hindi bhi batuio and us question ka use kaha pe hota he easa he propar samjha me ayega ki actuali me question he kya
Sir I have just finished all your lessons in 4 straight days. It feels that I have just begun. Every lesson is thought provoking in itself.
a year ago
Hahaha..glad to hear that. Did you prepare for PSIR on your own, prior to this ?
Sir I try to learn from here and there but only to get more confused. At last when I saw your course on Unacademy thats when it really began. Sir I am looking forward to continue learning Political Science from you. Thanks Sir
a year ago
I am with you. Don't hurry through the lessons, complete the Readings as prescribed. I will add the remaining lessons soon. No worries.
Ahhhhh one more amazing course thanks a ton sir it's very helpful .
Recommend Topic- Globalization good or bad?
a year ago
I will do this in a week..

  1. Amritanshu

  2. Overvievw . In this series of I Focus' I focus on the contemporary-confusing, repetitive and important Global & National evenfs which are doing the rounds I will deliver a holistic-yet concise account of the issues to help you learn the different theories/perspectives surrounding that, through pictures at large. I would love to be assisted on the choice of the topic for the next episode in the comment section.

  3. Helpful for! Personality Tests, . Writing Essays. . General Awareness. . Candidates with Political Science & IR as OPTIONALS . Flaunting knowledge at public places!!!!

  4. !Genre! Topics of your Choice- yeah you heard me right!! International Events National Events . Constitutional Confusions. . Realpolitik .Ethical Dilemma.... Scientific Developments. Sociological & Economical events.

  5. WALL STRU You Can Skip TIME What's News- The Indian Express Explained Page. Project Syndicate Website. Tensionentre Dan Mo INITIA.ndia erall Tiberia BBC Al-Jazeera The Big Picture- RSTVr poitevin vida de se amo Prantfurter Allgemeine Herald Eribune La Tribune Russie : un g n ral arbitre du second tot

  6. What I need in return! (quid-pro-quo) . Your Interest in the form of your choices of the next topic in the Comment Section. Ratings & Review Do not forget to Enrol s- in order to improve in the next series. Course Fee- Contribute Listen, Learn & Let me know!