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Models of Democracy
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Democracy & it's conceptualisation will remain important issues in 21st century Political Science.

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ThankingU Sir n plzz continue it wid new more Issues... One Request on course of Indian Demand of Prmant seat in UNSC from history to till date is already submitted

  1. Focus

  2. Participatory Democracy and Direct Democracy Participatory democracy, or direct democracy, can be traced back to Athens, Greece (460o BCE), where the direct rule of government was done by the people (i.e., demokratia) and not via an elected group of representatives . o Although the Athenian democratic form of government lacked the right of women and of slaves to vote, it still provided all adult male citizens with an increase in control over their"own lives by allowing them to directly determine how public power [was] exercised

  3. Republicanismor Representative Democracy o Beginning in the fifth century BCE, Romans, inspired by the Greek system of government, developed a new form of government called republicanism (also known as representative democracy) to accommodate their ever- growing population. e Governmental decisions are made by an elected group of representatives who "consider policy alternatives, and decide by vote" among themselves in accordance to the views of their constituents