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This lesson deals with overview understanding of the course about targeted audience and course structure.

Vijay Kumar is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Vijay Kumar
Part of a great team unacademy.... Passioniate about teaching... Happy to be a part of education revolution...movies, cricket and much more.

Unacademy user
sir pls upload pedagogy topic qns of kerala tet.... pls.. also psychology
M S Mustafaa
5 months ago
Sure Give me some time
Rahmath Muneer
4 months ago
june 29 th exam date ... here ktet conducted in 4 categories. i am applicant of category 3 that is for h.s. classes. i have no prior experience in this so pls help us ... in kerala there are no such good classes are not availiavle even in utube channel... but unacademy is super platform for these aspirants. i hope u will help us. pareekshbhavan conducts this exam in kerala. so pyq s are availavle in this site. but i have no idea about the above mentioned topics because i have a gap due to some personal reasons . now i am a hose wife and have 2 small kids also i am a kerala psc aspirant. tgabk u for ur reply and May god bless u. sry if there any mistakes in my lang.
M S Mustafaa
4 months ago
Don’t wry I will try my best
thankyou so much 🙂
sir please tell me sth ... is it imp to read practical geography of 12th ncert ?
Super sir... Sir, also please add from 6th class...geography...
hi to prepar for the mains geography optional..and how to check the ans in self study?
Vijay Kumar
2 years ago
go with syllabus and make sure each topic of syllabus is in your mind.. then start reading savindra Singh for paper 1 and khullar for paper 2
thank you very much for your great efforts towards us sir
  1. Course: India people and economy and fundamentals of human geography(12th Ncert) Lesson: Overview PRESENTED BY VIJAY KUMAR

  2. About me from JNTU, Hyderabad Interests: playing cricket, reading Appeared in CSE interview on Three years of experience in teaching RATE ,REVIEW , RECOMMEND AND SHARE Follow me on Unacademy at: me on Unacademy at: nacadem .

  3. Course Objective To understand the topics which are covered in 12th ncert To understand the concepts of human and economic geography of Indica To use these concepts for writing very good answers in mains

  4. Target audience UPSC-CSE Other upsc exams like capf , cds , nda other government exams Students who have geography as their discipline

  5. Lesson Plan lesson 1 : world population : distribution density Lesson 2 : Indian population distribution, density Lesson no 3 : migration and its consequences Lesson no 4 : human development in world Lesson no 5 : human development in India Lesson no 6: human settlements ( rural)

  6. Lesson no 7 : human settlements ( urban ) Lesson no 8: primary activities Lesson no 9 : land resources and agriculture Lesson no 10 : agricultural crops of india Lesson no 11 : water resources Lesson no 12: secondary activities Lesson no 13 : mineral and energy resources Lesson no 14 : manufacturing industries

  7. Lesson no 15 : tertiary and quaternary activities Lesson no 16 : transport and communication with respect to world Lesson no 17 : transport and communication in india Lesson no 18 : international trade Lesson no 19: international trade in India