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Overview to this Course (in Hindi)
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Overview about this course "Learning the basics of HTML". Gives the general idea about the course. Explains the things you will learn through the course.

Sudhanshu Yaduvanshi
pursuing civil engineering from IIT Delhi | Secretary at Hindi samiti club IITD | loves playing hockey and cricket | UPSC aspirant |

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sir question ko hindi me likha kariye sir
  1. An Overview to the course 1 .NING RASICS OP ITmAI. LEARNING BASICS OF HTML

  2. So What Is This Course About? In this course we will see and understand the basic concepts about HTML e Knowing about HTML Knowing about HTMI l iing H.ig to befit Basic code structure of HTML., learning about important and basic tags Also, creating our first WEBPAGE.

  3. Contents of this course 1. Introduction to html 2. Getting started 3. Knowing Basic tags 1 (<IDOCTYPE>, <HTMI>, <HEAD>, BODY>) 4. Knowing Basic tags 2 TITLE>,BRP,HR,CENTER> ,Heading Tags) Creating the first webpage using basic tags. Check yourself (exercises, solutions, common mistakes) 5. 6.

  4. WHY HTML? It is the basic and very easy language to learn for the web development. * It is the most widely used language to create web pages. Requires no pre-requisite knowledge or experience of It is used with other languages like PHP, Java to create awesome * It is used with other languages like PHP, Java to create awesome Requires no pr programming websites.

  5. Beginner No Problem No need to worry if you don't have any programming experience. Also if have problem in understanding English as this course is going to be in HINDI. This course is designed to absolute BEGINNERS. Start from zero but by the end you will be able to design awesome webpages

  6. Just One expectation I have just one expectation from my viewers that you will atleast practice the code yourself that you have learnt. No practice no gain! The more you practice,the * The more you practice ,the more you learn

  7. About Me - your educator I am SUDHANSHU YADAV Presently pursuing Civil Engineering at IIT DELHI Also working as Representative at Hindi Sa resently pursuing CiVi tive at Hindi Samiti Club IITD. Please follow me on unacademy.