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Overview: The Plan for Economy
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The lesson discusses the importance of a course on Indian Economy and its relevance for the serious aspirants

Palak Sharma
Economics Grad🎓 IELTS 8.5 Band Scorer🏅Author of "So This is How I Die of Wandering" 📖

Unacademy user
wonderfully explained each and every term with proper logic and concept... it is very useful... Thank you so much...plzz make more videos on law i really like your way of teaching it's very easy to Understand the things in a better manner...
Ma'am your lectures are really helping me.
THANK YOU SO MUCH MADAM FOR THIS WONDERFUL COURSE. I have been watching your courses for many days related to economics which are wonderful.
madam please cover the complete UPSC syllabus. if you time please make any standard book summary thanks alot madam. your class are really good . less quantity and more quality.
Palak Sharma
2 years ago
I'm surely covering the entire syllabus. Stay connected! 😊
Sss Sharma
2 years ago
thanks P.S
Mame hindi me samjhaiye
hello friends how can get pdf
  1. Indian Economy for GS Presented By Palak Sharma

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  3. Themes of Economic Development 1. History of Economics Planning in India (before Independence) 2. Mixed Economy and Planning Goals 3. History of Planning (After Independence) FYP I- IlI 4. FYP IV-VII 5. FYPVII-XII 6. Achievements of Planning 7. NITIAayog (Detailed Study) 8. NITI's Achievements (Till Present) 9. National Development Agenda zo. Manufacturing & Service Sector In India's Development

  4. Objectives Quick grasp of the topic of economic development from GS paper of UPSC Relevant current updates included for better analysis . Historical aspects covered in detail for answer writing

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