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Overview: The First Three Centuries of the Medieval Period
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The Arab invasion of Sindh, which brought Islamic Civilization to India and the rise of Rajputs were two factors which changed the course of Indian history and dominated the events of one millennium. These thousand years between the eighth to eighteenth century gave the culture and polity of India a new dimension. Our course on Medieval India is specifically designed to explain the events in India during the Medieval Period vis-a-vis the then known world. This Course has been divided into 7 parts. This first part has been sub-divided into 12 Lessons.

Abhyudaya Kelkar
Completed B.Com from DAVV, Indore Cleared CS, CWA (CMA) and CA Final (Group I)

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sir , I am from Hindi medium so as you know English is weak point of me . So help me or guidance in English to make video.
Purlove NDA
a year ago
i will definately try to help u
a year ago
A lot of thanks for your future guidance.
Abhyudaya Kelkar
10 months ago
Please refer the crash course on medieval India
  1. Course-ll MEDIEVAL INDIA By Abhyudaya Kelkar Cleared CS, CMA (CWA) and CA Final (Group I)

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  3. Overview Course II Part- I The First Three Centuries Part- II: The Two Centuries Part- III: The Sultanate Period - I Part- IV: The Sultanate Period II Part- V: The Sultanate Period III

  4. Overview Course II Part- VI: The Mughal Period - I Part- VII: The Mughal Period - II

  5. PART- I THE FIRST THREE CENTURIES By Abhyudaya Kelkar Cleared CS, CMA (CWA) and CA Final (Group I)

  6. Overview- Part -I Lesson- 1: 700 to 711 esson- Lesson- 2: The Arab Invasion of Sindh Lesson- 3: The Aftermaths ofArab Invasion Lesson- 4: The Rashtrakutas - I Lesson- 5: The Rashtrakutas - II Lesson- 6: The Pratiharas

  7. Overview- Part- Lesson- 7: The Palas esson- /. Lesson- 8: The Tripartite Struggle Lesson- 9: Religion During the Three Centuries Lesson- 10: The Developments in Central Asia Lesson- 11: The Golden Age of Islam Lesson- 12: On the Eve of Ghaznavid Invasion On the sc of Ghaznavid I

  8. Next: Lesson - 700 to 711 By Abhyudaya Kelkar Cleared CS, CMA (CWA) and CA Final (Group I)