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Overview : Probability
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This lesson gives you an overview of the course and brief you about the topics to be covered in upcoming lessons. Target audience for the course is also mentioned in the lesson.

Deepak poonia
I am an electronics engineer | 3 yrs teaching experience

Unacademy user
mam please add all the chapter
Ichchha Mishra
a year ago
Hi Sunil. I have added a new course on Gandhian Era. You can look for it in my profile.
sir could please explain this question , hundred students appeared for two examinations 60 students passed the first 50 students passed the second and 30 students pass both find probability that a student selected at random has passed at least one examination.
Deepak poonia
2 years ago
In the lesson of Venn diagram, I have mentioned that while filling the values in the diagram first enter the common data common data i.e. the value in intersection part is 30(as 30 students pass both) then fill the value for students passed in first exam which is 30( 60- no. of students passed in both) similarly for no. of students passed in second exam(20=50-30). probability that a student passed in atleast one exam= (students passed in first exam only+student passed in second exam only+student passed in both exams)/total students.....=(30+20+30)/100..=0.8
Samir Mayra
2 years ago
ok, sir thank you for your help.
a year ago
sir how to solve this Q1.if X is normally distributed with mean and standard deviation 4.find P(5<=X<=10)
hello sir.. iam from electrical branch... please make videos on probability to cover full syllabus
Deepak poonia
2 years ago
I am working on it, will upload them soon.
Venkatesh G
2 years ago
Thank you..
  1. OVERVIEW Probability Presented by Deepak Poonia

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  3. Objective To learn shortcuts for solving probability problems. To learn more than one method for solving a probability problem. To learn different probability concepts by solving problems on it.

  4. Lessons to be covered Lesson on different type of probability problems on tossing of coins. Lesson on different type of probability problems on Arrangement of persons and letters of a word. Lesson on different type of probability problems on Rolling of dices. Lesson on different type of probability problems on picking a ball from the bags.

  5. GATE Aspirants Target Audience PSU Aspirants Aspirants

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