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Overview of the Indian Drainage System and Important Terms Related to River System (in Odia)
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Overview of the Indian drainage system and important terms releted to river system in odia for OPSC

Deepak Rout
*educator, M-Tech ( mechanical )I IT Madras. qualified for OPSC interview , UPSC Main,Created Kalinga competative academy you tube cha.

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In laxmikanth it has mentioned that person born on or after 26J50 will be citizen irrespective of his parents nationality but u have mentioned 1 or both parents should be citizen @ birth please clear my doubt
Shivam Gaur
2 years ago
1.This is applicable to only those who are born on or after 26 Jan 1950 BUT before 1st July 1987. 2. A person born on or after 1st July 1987 is considered as a citizen only if either of his parents is a citizen of India at the time of his birth. The 2nd point is applicable to those who were born after 1st July 1987 BUT before 3rd December 2004. 3. Those born after 3rd December 2004 are considered citizens if both or either of their parents is a citizen of India AND IS NOT AN ILLEGAL MIGRANT AT THE TIME OF THEIR BIRTH.
Sir tonnes of thanks for your effort... your teaching style is very good....

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  3. RIVER SYSTEM IN INDIA The flow of water through well-defined channels is known as ,drainage, and the network of such channels is called a 'drainage system'. A river drains the water collected from a specific area, which is called its catchment area An area drained by a river and its tributaries is called a drainage basin The world's largest drainage basin is of the Amazon river By Deepak Rout IITM

  4. DRAINAGE PATTERNS The dendritic pattern develops where the river channel follows the slope of the terrain. The stream with its tributaries resembles the branches of a tree, thus the name dendritic. examples of which are the rivers of northern plain. Main Stream ributary (a) Dendritie Drainage Pic courtesy-ncert By Deepak Rout IITM

  5. DRAINAGE PATTERNS When the rivers originate from a hill and flow in all directions, the drainage pattern is known as radial'. The rivers originating from the Amarkantak range present a good example of it. Central Uplift (d) Radial Drainage Pic courtesy-ncert By Deepak Rout IITM

  6. DRAINAGE PATTERNS When the primary tributaries of rivers flow parallel to each other and secondary tributaries join them at right angles, the pattern is known as 'trellis'. Ridges of Resistant Rocks (c) Trellis Drainage Pic courtesy-ncert By Deepak Rout ITM

  7. RIVER SYSTEM OF INDIA Himalayan Peninsular Rivers Rivers By Deepak Rout ITM

  8. Himalayan Peninsular Rivers Rivers .Indus Ganga West flowing Brahmaput'East flowing ra By Deepak Rout IITM

  9. flowing Narmada Tapi Mahi . Periyar (Arabian at flowing (Bay of Godavari Mahanadi .Krishna .Kaveri By Deepak Rout IITM

  10. Himalayan Rivers Peninsular Rivers seasonal dependent on rainfall short courses fixed absence of meanders and nonperennial flow of water perennial : long courses * form meanders, oxbow lakes braided channels and deltas near the river mouth By Deepak Rout ITM