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Overview of the Course
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An introduction to the course on important bills, acts, schemes, committees and reports. It covers their importance in UPSC and other State PCS exams.

Yashvi Ladhani
Pursued B.E, worked at Infosys, Appeared for UPSC Mains 2017

Unacademy user
very nice effort and thanks bcz you are giving your precious time to us
Yashvi Ladhani
2 years ago
If you are interested, please tell. I will try making in Hindi.
Sahil Tandon
2 years ago
Yes i m too much interested mam . Kindly make it as soon as possible _/\_
Upasana pandey
2 years ago
Please make in Hindi.
Yashvi Ladhani
2 years ago
The course is now available in Hindi. Please enjoy and share with others. :-)
Sahil Tandon
2 years ago
Thanks a lot mam _/\_
how u manage ye time for preparation?
Great Work !! Keep Posting More
  1. IMPORTANT BILLS, ACTS, SCHEMES, REPORTS COMMITTEES- Overview Government of India Presented By:- ACTS Schemes Yashvi Ladhani COMMITTEES

  2. About Me BE. in Electrical Engineering from MITS Gwalior . Worked at Infosys Appearing for UPSC Civil Services (Mains) 2017 Love Reading & Dancing Course Fee: Contribute Follow me on: . .

  3. Objectives . Bills & Acts are hot topics in UPSC(both in prelims & mainS 20. With reference to the "Prohibition of Benami Property Transactions Act, 1988 (PBPT Act, 34. With reference to the National Intellectual Property Rights Policy', consider the following consider the following statements 1. A property transaction is not treated as a benami transaction if the owner of the property is not aware of the transaction Properties held benami are liable for statements Pre-2017 1. It reiterates India's commitment to the Doha Development Agenda and the 2. TRIPS Agreement. 2. Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion is the noda agency for regulating intellectual property rights confiscation by the Government. 3. The Act provides for three authorities for investigations but does not provide for any appellate mechanism. in India. Mains-2016 SIII Examine the main provisions of the National Child Policy and throw light on the status of its implementation. 12

  4. . Relevance of Schemes: Can assure you selection if you are well prepared or can assure rejection if you are 1ll informed What is the purpose of Vidyanjali Yojana'? 1. To enable the famous foreign 88. educational institutions to open their 89. Whats the aim of the programe nnat campuses in India Bharat Abhiyan'? (a) Achieving 100% literacy by promoting 2. To increase the ty of education Pre-2017 provided in government schools by taking help from the private sector and the community collaboration between voluntary organizations and government's education system and local communities 3. To encourage voluntary monetary contributions from private individuals and organizations so as to improve the infrastructure facilities for primary and secondary schools. Mains-2016 Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) is necessary for bringing unbanked to the inatitutional finance fold. Do you agrcc with this for financial inclusion of the poorer section of the Indian society? Give arguments to justify your opinion. 12

  5. . Commitees & their Recommendations: Can be directly used in mains answer writing. Their findings can align you with critical issues. They also help you develop innovative ideas which can further help in interviews. . Reports: Give you Facts & Figures which are quite important to analyse the situation as well as to support vour answers in Mains.

  6. Target Audience All UPSC CSE aspirants. . Other aspirants of various State PSC exams. Anyone interested in learning about Indian Polity.

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