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Overview of the Course
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It includes the overview of the course

Ph.D Chemistry in Progress (P.U) Qualified IIT GATE 2019. Follow me for IIT JAM , CSIR NET& GATE Chemistry .love Teaching 😊

Unacademy user
mam plzz complete nmr within 5 days jam exam is near plzz mam
8 months ago
Ok sure i ll upload lessons soon
Bikas Kumar Sahu
8 months ago
mam... can u hlp me personally.. i m going to appear jam exam...
mam complete the Nmr syllabus please!
8 months ago
  1. NMR Spectroscopy unacademy By: Priyanka Ahlawal

  2. TARGETED AUDIENCE CSIR NET JRF GATE Chemistry TIFR VIIT JAM M.Sc All other exams of chemistry

  3. Topics To Be Covered Introduction to Organic Spectroscopy | e. Nuclear Spin States | NUclear Magnetic Moments Absorption of Energy The Mechanism of Absorption (Resonance) Population Densities of Nuclear Spin States

  4. Topics To Be Covered | The Chemical Shift and Shielding Chemical Environment and Chemical Shift | i. Local Diamagnetic Shielding Magnetic Anisotropy Spin-Spin Splitting (n+1) Rule The Origin of Spin-Spin Splitting

  5. Topics To Be Covered i &The Ethyl Group | iThe Coupling Constant Pascal's Triangle A Comparison of NMR at Low-and High-Field | Strengths Typical Proton NMR Absorptions by Type of Compound

  6. Topics To Be Covered Identification of Compounds by NMR Spectra Protons on Oxygen:Alcohols Exchange in Water and Solvent Effects DO . Prev ious Year Questions and some Proble ms :

  7. Topics To Be Covered Carbon-13 NMR Spectra Fluorine-19 NMR Spectra Phosphorus-31 NMR Spectra