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Overview of the course
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In this lesson, Bindu gave overview to the upcoming course. She mentioned the topics and target audience of this course.

Bindu Kb
I'm an enthusiastic learner and a teacher as well. I love nature and kids. I'm a dreamer and a creativity lover.

Unacademy user
in the question 2 of the 2nd set ; the option D must be 'C must appear' as in the question it is clearly written that at least 3 actors must be there in a week . So if we say ' C may appear' that mean C may not appear as well ; which is not possible .
Riya Agarwal
10 months ago
That's a good point. If we had both the options, i.e., C may appear and C must appear, then C must appear would be the answer as per your explanation. But if the options are as given in the question, then the answer will be option (d) only.
  1. Overview NCERT Summary- Contemporary India- 1 (Class 9 geography text book) y: Bindu.K.E

  2. About me: Degree from National college, Bagepalli Currently preparing for UPSC-CSE. .I love teaching. You can follow me at: user/bindu14892

  3. Target Audience: Those who are preparing for UPSC- CSE, State PSC and other competitive exams. . Class 9 students Anyone who is wishing to gain knowledge

  4. In this course, -6 CHAPTERS 1. India- Size and Location. 2. Physical Features of India. 3. Drainage. 4. Climate. 5. Natural vegetation and Wild Life. 6. Population

  5. THANK YOU Rate, Review, Recommend and Share