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Overview of the Course
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A brief description of the course and its components is given in this lesson.

Shravan Kousik
Master's in Chemistry - National Institute of Technology, Trichy. Works on Asymmetric Catalysis and Chemoenzymatic Reactions.

Unacademy user
Instead of multiplying the closest value. Why don't we do this ? => 2 days = 17 work => 2 days x 120/17 = 17work x 120/17 => 14.11 I mean we just need to find the closest answer right ??
Abhishek Pandey
8 months ago
Akash Maji
8 months ago
No I am asking. Can't we solve the way I solved ?
  1. Introducbory Stereochemistry Video I Overview of the Course

  2. About Me Shravan Kousik Sophomore Year-Master of Science, National Institute of Technology, Trich!y Bachelor of Science SRM University, Chennai C2016) Areas of Specialization : Synthetic Organic Chemisbry and Chemoenzymatic reacbions

  3. Targeb Audience ndergradvate Level Chemistru Students . Pos raduate Level Chemistry Students CSIR/UGC-NET Aspirants GATE Aspiranbs

  4. Course Structure .Lesson I:Introduction to Chiralitu Lesson 2 The Cahn-Ingold Prelog Rules - Lesson 3 Problems on R/S Confiquration I -Lesson 4 PropLems on R/S Confiquration Il Lesson 5 Axial Chirality in ALLenes and biphenyls

  5. Further Reading Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds E.L.ELiel . Advanced Organic Chemistry: Jerry March . Organic Chemistry: Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves and Stvart Warren