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Cahn - Ingold - Prelog Notation
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A discussion on CIP Notation, E/Z isomerism and R/S Notation is given here.

Shravan Kousik
Master's in Chemistry - National Institute of Technology, Trichy. Works on Asymmetric Catalysis and Chemoenzymatic Reactions.

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  1. Introducbory Stereochemistry Lesson 2: The Cahn-Ingold-Prelog Rutes

  2. About Me Shravan Kousik Sophomore Year-Master of Science, National Institute of Technology, Trich!y Bachelor of Science SRM University, Chennai C2016) Areas of Specialization : Synthetic Organic Chemisbry and Chemoenzymatic reacbions

  3. The CIP Notation l. System of prioritization used to Unequivocally determine the configuration of a stereoisomer 2. This method is used to assign R/S confiquration for each stereocenter and E/Z configuration for each C-C double bond. 3. This notation shovLd be included in the lUPAC name of the compound.

  4. The CIP Rules L. Compare the atomic number CZ) of the atoms directly abbached to the sbereocenber, the grovp having the atom of higher dtomic number receives higher priority. 2. IF there is a bie, we must consider the aboms ab distance 2 from the stereocenber SimilarLy if a bie is observed at the 2nd position, bhe third position is considered 3. If isotopes are present, bhe isotope with the higher atomic mass gets the first prioriby

  5. E/Z Isomerism 20% H2 2CH3 H2 CI Cl E isomer Zisomer E Entgegen Opposed Z Zusammen Togebher

  6. RIS Isomerism #4 priority group pointing away fromus priority # 1 priority #4 4 H OH priority #2 priority #3 clockwise R (R)-glyceraldehyde

  7. #4 priority group pointing towards us S/ OH 3 2 (S)-lactic acid clockwise = S