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Overview Of The Course: Investment & Personal Finance For Young Professionals
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This lesson talks about the overview of the course Investment & Personal Finance For Young Professionals. Karan is elaborating the benefits of this course along with what someone would achieve after watching this course. He also tells about whom all it would benefit and discusses the various topics he would be discussing in the upcoming lessons.

Karan Shukla
Son, Value Investor, Liberal Arts, Serial Reader

Unacademy user
OMG ! awesome course ! I loved it ! Karan Sir, please come up with more n more lessons..Hightly valuable !
awsm start @karansir.....everyone wants 2 become rich....even a civil services aspirant....well there has been a misconception that a civil service aspirant should not aspire for affluence.....whats the harm if a civil servant becomes rich by simultaneously discharging his duties honestly.... looking forward to more lessons in this series
always awsm...sir can u pls upload abt dutch and french auction topic
Highly appreciate team Unacademy and Karan sir for coming up with such a series which was much needed
I'm not working right now, does this course teach us about starting earning money?
  1. Course: Investment & Personal Finance for Young Professionals Lesson: Overview Presented by Karan Shukla

  2. About Me O Founder of Atisarv Consulting ( O Worked for 6 years in corporate & Startup jobs before Starting Up O Love to read and have a small library on diverse topic books O Love playing Cricket & almost every outdoor sport O Lifelong Student of Liberal Arts O Course fee: CONTRIBUTE O You can follow me:

  3. Objective O Introduction & Understanding of Personal Finance O Helping people educate about money and start early planning O Investment & Investment Vehicles O Case Studies on handling personal finance & Salary Planning O Challenges in Investment & Why should you invest?

  4. Target Audience O Anybody who seeks to understand the very basics of investing funds O Anybody who is unaware of various modes of investment O Anybody who wants to plan for financial security

  5. Contribute If this course is helping you in any way, please pay a voluntary professional fees by clicking on Contribute' It will really motivate me to come up with better and more engaging courses!

  6. Overview 1. Introduction to Personal finance: Managing your money in 21st Century 2. Learn how to grow your money via early investments 3. The power of Delayed Gratification: Grow your assets and reduce your liabilities 4. Learning different ways to invest 5. Why you must invest in stocks and mutual funds

  7. Continued 6. How to get more out of your salary 7. Lessons and wisdoms from the historical investments 8. Learning investments from real life illustrations 9. Transform your knowledge into action: Make your first investment 10.Why you must invest: Impact of investment on your future life