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Overview of the Course (in Hindi)
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Overview of the Course

Rahul Choubey
Pursuing Master of Engineering in Advance Production Systems from NITTTR Bhopal ,passionate about teaching and learning new things.

Unacademy user
mam in case of convention of conservatism provisions are made for future losses cause of this liabily mam it will be sound position for business??? cause liability increase hori hai???
Madhuri Khatri
8 months ago
Hi Preeti because of this convention, all future losses are provided for. So it understates the profits as profits are diverted to create provisions. And this results in creation of secret reserve. Means profits in books show not sound position, but in actual position will be sound. :)
  1. Sensors and Transducer By Rahul Choubey

  2. 1. Hello! Iam Rahul Choubey Did BE (Mechanical) from RITS bhopal Pursuing M.E(Advance Production Sytem) from NITTTR Bhopal Gate Qualified 2

  3. Sensors and Transducers By: Rahul Choubey

  4. Course Objective Difference between Sensor and Transducer? What Performance parameter required for choosing sensor and transducer? Types of sensor and Transducer and its application in practical life? What Sensor is? What Transducer is 4

  5. Course Overview Performance terminology sensors Displacement, position Sensor Transducer Temperature and Light sensor Force and Pressure Sensors Velocity,Proximity Motion sensors sensors

  6. Target Audience Mechanical Electronics Engineer Engineer General Audience Mechatronics Engineer

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