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Overview of the course (in Hindi)
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It includes the overview of the course & Topics to be covered.

Priyanka Ahlawat
Ph.D Chemistry in Progress (P.U) Qualified IIT GATE 2019. Follow me for IIT JAM , CSIR NET& GATE Chemistry .love Teaching 😊

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bohot badiyan sir
  1. brational Spectroscopy For IIT JAM ,CSIR NET &GATE Chemistry unacademy By: Priyanka Ahlawat

  2. Targeted Audience IIT JAM CSIR NET JRF GATE Chemistry TIFR B.Sc . M.Sc . Ph.d entrance . All other exams of chemistry

  3. Topics to be covered.. . Introduction to vibrational spectroscopy Conditions for IR active molecules Degrees of freedom . Fundamental vibrational modes .Streching & bending modes . Diatomic molecule as a SHO .Selection rules and energy levels How to calculate absorption frequency Anharmonic oscillator Dissociation energy

  4. Amplitude of vibration Rotatinal Vibrational Spectroscopy .Factors affecting fundamental frequency Previous year questions from CSIR NET & IIT JAM