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Overview of the Course (in Hindi)
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The overview of the course and the lessons in it.

Abhyudaya Kelkar
Completed B.Com from DAVV, Indore Cleared CS, CWA (CMA) and CA Final (Group I)

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  1. Lesson 5.1 Climate Change Overview By Abhyudaya Kelkar

  2. Environment& Ecology (Overview) S.No. Name Description I Ecology and Bio- Basics, types of habitats and ecosystems, forests, wetlands, diversity Ramsar Sites, IBAs, Bio-diversity and hotspots, human activities and impact, etc. Il Organizations,Various global and Indian conservation organizations like IUCN, WWF, etc. and conventions/ protocols like Ramsar, Washington, Rio de Janeiro, Kyoto, etc. treaties and legislations Protected Areas Categories of PAs, NPs, WLS, Project Tiger, Project Elephant, Biosphere Reserves, CCAs IlI Species Familiar birds, mammals, reptiles, trees and their range and status, recent issues, megafauna, etc. IV

  3. Environment & Ecology (Overview) S.No. Name V Climate Change and Description climate change, inter alia including Global Warming and threat to biodiversity: Degradation of forests and water Degradation Pollution, Urban issues, deforestation, water resource degradation, Green Energy, EIA and sustainable development, current issues, etc. VI Miscellaneous Issues VII Crrent Issues on Overall general environment and ecology related issues Environment

  4. Climate Change Causes- major factors Impact What can we do? - Anthropogenic Factors

  5. Overview of Part - V Climate Change & Degradation Lesson No. Name Overview of the course 2 Factors leading to climate change 3 4 Greenhouse Gases Global Warming -I Global Warming - II Climate Change and Glaciers Climate Change and Oceans 7

  6. Overview of Part-V Climate Change &Degradation Lesson No. Name Climate Change and Ecosystems - Climate Change and Ecosystems -I 10 Climate Change and Biodiversity 11 Climate Change and the Seasons 12 Climate Change in the Past 13 Climate Change Social Impact 14 Sustainable Development

  7. Overview of Part-V Climate Change & Degradation Lesson No. Name 15 The Hurdles 16 India's Role

  8. Required Proper study of I-X standard syllabus of: Biology * Geography (itself an applied science) Plus , Current Affairs

  9. Lesson 5.2 Sun Climate Change Factors Incoming solar radation ihto Space Reflection some of the incoming by Earth's Absorbtion and warms i Most heat Earth By Abhyudaya Kelkar