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Overview of the Course (in Hindi)
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Overview of the course(in Hindi)

Bharat Kumar is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Bharat Kumar
Written UPSC MAINS 2019, 2018 Written RO/ARO MAINS 2018 Qualified GATE twice Worked with Mahindra and Mahindra YouTube channel "StudyLabs"

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Thank u mam.. really appreciate ur effrt behind each n every class.. thank u fr ur dedication mam.. u r simply awesome 😘😘
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  3. By Bharat Kumar By Bharat Kumar By Bharat Kumar (Hindi) Constitutional development between 1773 and 1947 (Hindi) Polity Practice MCQs for VDO UPPSC (Hindi) Modern History MCQs for VDO 5Lessons 20 Lessons 15 Lessons By Bharat Kumar By Bharat Kumar By Bharat Kumar (Hindi) November Current Affairs MCQs (Hindi) Crash Course on Governor Generals in India: UPPSC (Hindi) Three Month Current Affairs Compilation 11 Lessons 6 Lessons 17 Lessons



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  8. FACTORS RESPONSIBE: Colonial Land revenue settlements; heavy burden of new taxes .Evictions of peasants from their lands Growth of Intermediary revenue collectors, tenets and money- lenders Expansion of revenue administration over tribal areas Destruction of indigenous industries and promotion of British manufactured goods . . End of patronage of priestly and scholarly classes Foreign character of British rule

  9. .Wahabi Movement .Kuka Movement F INDIA Sanyasi revolt Midnapore rebellion Revolt of Moamarias Kutch Rebellion . Wagerah Rising Surat Salt Agitations Gadkari Revolt .Ganjam and Gursur . Palamau Uprising .Ahom Revolt Uprising Paika Rebellion Revolt of Raja of Vizianagaram Revolt in Bednur .Poligar's revolt .Revolt of Diwan Velu Thampi

  10. PHYSICAL MAP OF INDIA Narkel Beria Uprising Pagal Panthi revolt . Faraizi revolt . Moplah Uprising 0

  11. PHYSICAL MAP OF INDIA .Paharia Up Kol Up Chuar Up Ho and Munda revolt Santhal Uprising Khasi revolt . . Singhpos' Rebellion khond uprising .Bhil revolts Ramosi revolts .Koli uprising

  12. Vmportant TRBA Revolts Ho and Munda Uprising Jh Newly introduced land revenue policies In 1899-1900, Mundas rose again under the leadership of Birsa Munda Santhal Uprising . Against zamindars . Agricultural people settled on the plains of Rajmahal Hills Later on it turned out Anti British movement Leaders Sidhu and Kanhu Khasi Uprising Between Garo and Khasi hills EIC wanted to built a road linking Brahmaputra valley to Sylhet . Large no of outsiders were deployed for this . Tirath Singh leader

  13. Vmportant TRBA Revolts Khond Uprising 1837-1856 . Khonds of hilly tracts between OD and AP . To oppose the suppression of human sacrifice, new taxes, and the entry of Zamindars into their areas . Chakra Bisnoi- leader Bhil Revolt . Western Ghats . 1817-19, famine, economic distress and misgovernment British used both force and conciliatory efforts to control the situation 1825, 1831, 1846, 1913 under Govind Guru Koli Uprising . Lived in the neighborhood of Bhils rose in rebellion in 1829,1839 and 1844-48 . They resented the rule of British which brought large scale unemployment for them and the dismantling of their forts

  14. PHYSICAL MAP OF INDIA Narkel Beria Uprising Pagal Panthi revolt . Faraizi revolt . Moplah Uprising 0

  15. /mportant fMeasants ^evolts Narkelberia Uprising . Leader = Mir Nithar Ali aka Titu Mir Inspired the Muslim tenants in WB to rise against landllords, mainly Hindu . Considered as the first armed peasant uprising against the British Pagal Panthis . It's a semi religious group (Hajong and Garo tribes) . Formed by Karam Shah But the tribal peasants organized themselves under KS's Son Tipu, to fight the oppression of zamindars . From 1825- 1835 the Pagal panthis refused to pay rent above a certain limit and attacked the houses of zamindars Protest was violently suppressed Faraizi Revolt . They were the followers of a Muslim sect founded by Haji Shariat Allah of Faridpur in Eastern Bengal They advocated religious, social and political changes . Dadu Mian son of Shariat Allah organized his followers with an aim to expel the English intruders from bengal

  16. /mportant jJeasants Revolts Q. What were the causes of Moplah Rebellion of 1921? .Any analysis of the peasant movement of Moplahs should take into account that the Moplahs were Muslim peasants. Their landlords who were called Jenmis were mostly Hindus. The relations between the Jenmis and the Moplahs were historically quite unfriendly. In other words, the relations were both economically and religiously antagonistic. Since 1835 the Hindu landlords suppressed the Moplah tenants. Thus, the basic cause of the Moplah agitation was the operation against the Jenmis The land tenure system in Malabar was quite unfavourable to the Moplah tenants. There was total insecurity of tenure to the Moplahs and they could be ejected from their land without any appropriate notice. The immediate cause of Moplah agitation in 1920 was the renewal of fee at an exorbitant rate fixed by the Jenmis. This was unbearable for the Moplahs . The exactions practised by the Jenmis were of very high order. More than often the Moplahs were discriminated against the Hindu tenants.

  17. mportant Civil Iprisings r1s1noqS Sanyasi Revolt . Disastrous famine of 1770 Joined by a large no of small farmers, disbanded soldiers and rural poor . They raided Co. Factories, treasuries Equal participation of Hindus and Muslims Fakir rebellion Leaders = Majnu Shah , Chirag Ali, Musa Shah, Bhawani Pathak, Debi Chaudharani . Anandmath, novel of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhayay Revolt in Midnapore and Dhalbhum . The English took hold of Midnapore in 1760 and at that time there were about 3000 zamindars and taluqdars having cordial relation with the ryot . There was always a conflict between the ryots and revenue collecting officials By 1800s ultimately the zamindars were disposssed of their zamindarie:s . Damodar Singh and Jagannath Dhal Revolt of Moamarias Moamaries were Low caste peasants who followed the teachings of Anniruddhadeva It was a potent challenge to the authority to the Ahoms Kings Later on Ahoms turned to British for help, but gradually they weakened and finally came under British rule

  18. /mportant Civil ZIprisings Kutch or Cutch Rebellion 1816-1832 The British interfered in the internal feuds of the Kutch . Raja bharmal raised Arab and African troops against British . British defeated the ruler and deposed him Wagerah Rising (1818-1820) e Resentment against the British rule and exactions of the Gaekwad of Baroda supported by the British govt compelled the Wagerah chiefs of Okha mandal to take up arms . A peace treaty was signed in Nov 1820 Surat Salt Agitations . A strong anti-British sentiment resulted in attacks by the by the local Surat population on the Europeans in 1844 raising the salt tax from 50 paise to one rupee

  19. mportant Civil Iprisings r1s1noqS Revolt of Raja of Vizianagaram (1794) . In 1758, a treaty was mabe between English and Ananda Gajpatiraju, the ruler of Vizianagaram, to jointly oppose the French . In this mission they were successful, BUT English went back on their words . Ananda raju died before he could do something Later on English demanded a sum of 3 lakhs from Vizayaramaraju, the next Raja of Vizianagram . But he opposed. His subjects too supported him The English captured the raja and sent him to exile with a pension Revolt of Dhundia in Bednur(1799-1800) . After the conquest of Mysore in 1799, the English had to confront many native leaders . Dhundhia Wagh, a local Maratha leader rosed . In 1800, he was killed while fighting against the British forces under Wellesley

  20. /mportant Civil ZIprisings Essentially an Islamist revivalist movement Founded by Syed Ahmed of Rai Bareily, who was inspired by the teachings of Abdul Wahab of Saudi Arabia and Shah Waliullah of Delhi He condemned the western influence on Islam and advocated a return to pure Islam, as it was during Prophet's time Wahabi Movement . ' Pan country organisation was set up .A jihad was declared against the Sikhs of Punjab, but later on with the annexation of Punjab by the EIC, the English dominion in India became the sole target .They played an important role in spreading anti-British sentiments . A series of military operations by the British later on, weakened the Movement

  21. /mportant Civil ZIprisings . Founded in 1840 by Bhagat Jawahar Mal (Sian Saheb) in western Punjab . After him major leader was Baba Ram Singh ( founder of Namdhari Sect) . After British took Punjab, this movement transformed from religious purification Kuka Movement campaign to political one .Its basic tenets were Abolition of caste Discouraging consumption of meat and alcohol, drugs Permission for inter-marriages, widow remarriage Encouraging women to step out of seclusion They encouraged wearing hand woven clothes, boycott of English laws and education and products Concepts of Swadeshi and Non Cooperation were originated here Ram Singh deported to Rangoon in 1872 . Satguru Ram Singh .