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Overview of Fiscal Policy (for UPSC CSE)
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In this lesson, Ayussh Sanghi has briefed the entire overview of the course on Fiscal policy. He has elucidated the benefits of taking up this course for the aspirants by explaining all the major objectives of the course. Lastly, he lists down the topics which will be covered up in forth coming lessons.

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  2. Objective To make you aware about basic concepts of Fiscal Policy I'll be covering various topics under this course. For detailed analysis refer to next slide.

  3. Lessons 1.An introduction x 2.Objective 3.Government Revenue/ Expenditure * 4.Government Revenue/ Expenditure 5.Government Revenue/ Expenditure 6.Types of Fiscal Policy * 7.Other Terms on Fiscal Policy

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  5. Target Audience * This lesson is useful for students preparing for: * Civil Services Aspirant Other Government/ Competitive Exams like SSC, Bank PO, RBI etc. Any one else who wishes to learn about concepts of Monetary Policy