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Examples of Tools related to Fiscal Policy (for UPSC CSE)
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Ayussh Sanghi, in this lesson, will be speaking about the illustrations of tools related to the fiscal policy. The major illustrations which one will be able to understand through this lesson are Fiscal instruments Related to Government Expenditure, Fiscal Instruments Related to Financing of Government Expenditure, Fiscal Policy and Deficient Demand, and Fiscal Policy and Excess Demand.

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hi deepanshu....please tell that do we need to make notes from ncert and how much dedicated time need to be given in it.coz ncert is lot and it take too much time to .make from it...please guide what best can be done.Thank you so much :) And a huge thank you to the team for the tremendous great work. :)
Kopal Barkhane
2 years ago
Many people have doubts regarding how to cover ncert. I would suggest you to read ncert and rather then making notes of ncert try to write answers given at back after reading each chapter or after completing a book according to your preference so that it will cover your ncert as well as help you in answer writing practice. Because ncert are itself gist of various sources, so if you will make notes of it you will end up writing another ncert .....and yes additional information given in boxes are very helpful if you want you can make notes of that.
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2 years ago
Thank you so much Kopal :)
Kopal Barkhane
2 years ago
your welcome :)
it was so nice lecture to understand thanks
Thanks you so much sir for your great selfless Efforts
sir, how is public debt different from deficit financing??
its a great lesson in this series.
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  3. Instruments of Fiscal Policy Fiscal policy refers to the policy related to revenue and expenditure of the government with a view to correcting the situations of excess demand or deficient demand in the economy The instruments of fiscal policy are:

  4. Illustration 1 (a) Fiscal Instruments Related to Government Expenditure: The government of a country incurs various types of expenditure such as expenditure on: public works (construction of roads, dams, bridges etc), education and public welfare defence, k maintenance of law and order, k various types of subsidies and transfer payments to the public.

  5. Illustration l (a) Fiscal Instruments Related to Government Expenditure: * Government corrects the situations of excess demand or d in the economy by varying any or al deficient demand in the economy by varying any or all types of expenditure.

  6. Illustration 2 (b) Fiscal Instruments Related to Financing of Government Expenditure: * Taxation, * public debt and k deficit financing are the three fiscal instruments related to financing of government expenditure. * Government can correct the situations of excess demand or deficient demand in the economy by using above mentioned instruments

  7. Illustration 3 (c) Fiscal Policy and Deficient Demand: There are certain fiscal measures to correct the situation of deficient demand: xk

  8. Decrease in Taxes * Government decreases taxes, which leaves the households with more purchasing power and the firms with more cash reserves xk reduced. As a result both households as well as investors will be encouraged to spend more. Consequently, demand will increase.

  9. Increase in Public Expenditure sk timulate the demand the governmer expenditure over public health, education, subsidies and transfer payments, and public works. Public expenditure causes the level of income to increase in economy. Higher level of income causes high level of demand.

  10. Increase Deficit financing * Decicit fnancing (by way of printing more notes for Deficit financing (by way of printing more notes for additional expenditure) is increased during times of deficient demand so that the overall level of purchasing power is enhanced in the economy.

  11. Decrease in Government Expenditure Government expenditure is reduced so as to cause the demand to decline.