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Overview of Course
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This lesson is for overview of this course. In this course we will be discussing important Idioms and Phrases for CAT GMAT and GRE Exam preparation.

Sanchit Gupta
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Great work sir....please keep adding 9/10
  1. Overview of Course Created by Sanchit Gupta- All rights reserved and copyrighte

  2. About Me: Entrepreneur at SociEdu Graduating from Manipal University -B.Tech Economist -Rate, Review a - Follow me: https:l/ Created by Sanchit Gupta All right reserved and copyrighted

  3. What we will be focusing on? . Foreign words in English . Vocabulary Development . How to improve your English?Topic wise words How to develop interest and. Confusing words learning skills simultaneously? Easy way to improve vocabulary Great vocabulary learning tips Idioms and phrases . Jargons . Phrasal verbs . Roots/Suffixes/Prefixes . . Alphabetical wordlists Created by Sanchit Gupta -Al rights reserved and copyrighted

  4. For whom this course is designed? For those aspiring to confidently crack the best MBA entrance tests IIM-CAT, XAT, FMS, SNAP, TISS, IIFT, MDI, CMAT, MAT and all others. GRE students looking to improve their English and Vocabulary skills. Students appearing for English Competitive exams. - Students aiming for GMAT. - And lastly, all those who want to increase their English vocabulary. - All these exams and tests have an important section of English and Vocabulary Created by Sanchit Gupta -Al rights reserved and copyrighted

  5. How to proceed? - There is no need to become a walking dictionary to succeed in entrance tests. What is needed is knowledge of the roots of words and the ability to relate a word to 'similar' or opposite, kinds of words. Essence of the test of vocabulary: Most tests do not check whether you know exactly what a particular word means. Even if you don't know the precise definition, if you have a good idea what the word means, you will score. The tests only want to see if you have a broad and diverse vocabulary or not. How words are chosen: The tests check if a student possesses a well-round vocabulary. This is the kind of vocabulary you need to read, write and speak effectively. "Test-worthy words" include those any educated person might use in speaking writing, as well as those that are quite specific to o particular field. Created by Sanchit Gupta -Al rights reserved and copyrighted