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Overview of Course
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In this overview lesson we will discuss about the whole description of the course and its objectives

Sadia Ali
Intelligece + Character = Goal of true Education

Unacademy user
thank you so much mam!!! your course was to the point & saved a lot of time for me!!!
I again made humble request to my sister. Whenever you feel comfort then Pl make a video on important terms of economic survey. I have seen a video of pluk surma but unable to understand. I am not criticising them. Their vd good but I am not able to understand. My motive not to give u pain of work. But a brother requested his sister
Sadia Ali
2 years ago
First thing ....her name is Palak Sharma :) N I think she has done a tremendous work with that course ....u should watch her course atleast on a slide mode....because the terms which has mentioned are really very important ....apart from that if u face any difficulty in any of the term u may mention the same here in the comment section .... I will also try to explain those terms .....
Mdsalik Ali
2 years ago
OK thanks for reply
2 years ago
hi im manojkumar presently working and i want to prepare for upsc for next year and i have applied kas for this year.. can you please guide how to start preparing.
Whats the meaning of short term period... I mean what would be duration
Hello Sadiya, what does these terminologies gains tax, securities transation tax, and euity gains tax.....???? plz help......
Sadia Ali
2 years ago
Hey Smita :-) M so sorry for the late reply... ok now lets c what is capital gain tax... actually an individual income is divided into 5 major heads.. so capital gain is also among these income only...see Smita when an individual sells any of his stock , bonds , precious metal or any the profit that has been realized after sale of above mentioned things is a capital gain .so a tax that has been paid on such income is capital gain tax... Security Transaction Tax is a form of a direct tax which is payable in india on the value of securities like shares , bonds, etc through a recognized stock exchange. or in a more simple language we can say its a tax on gains from securities... Smita i can explain u this with an example.. Suppose a trader buys 500 shares worth Rs 10000 at Rs 20 each and sells it the same day at Rs 30 each.. if the STT rate is 0.025% then, tax paid = 500*30*0.025=Rs 125.25 Similarly, Equity gain tax is a tax paid on the transaction of equity shares... hope it will help u Smita
Sadia Ali
2 years ago
still u have any doubts then please let me know Smita :)
Smita Patil
2 years ago
thank u Sadiya.......Now i got it
Sadia Ali
2 years ago
Ok happy to hear this :)
Hello maam Ur lessons n knowledge. .helps me a lot In my preparations... Thanks lot maam Keep updating more lectures maam..

  2. ABOUT ME . Sadia B.ComfromIsabella Thoburn College .Presently, studying at theInstitute of CharteredAccountants Of India & pursuing masters in commerce. Lovesteaching & calligraphy .Follow me at Rate, review & recommend

  3. OBJECTIVE - To cover the basic topics related to monetary policy -To have a conceptual darity regarding the topics of economy. -To develop a strong base regarding the questions asked in UPSC (CSE)

  4. TARGET AUDIENCE UPSC/IAS aspirants (Mainly) State PSC aspirants Students preparing for other govt. exams