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Overview of Course (in Hindi)
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This lesson gives an overview of the course in Hindi.

Khushboo Kumari
Teaching is a passion! Have 5 years of teaching experience. Now, I am on my way to make my dream a reality.

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Ma'am, I'm preparing for FSSAI exam is it enough for me?
Sir/Mam Please english के synonyms के वर्ड में क्या diffrence होते है या जो words बहुत मिलते जुलते हो और confussion create कर सकते हो, और किस word का use कहाँ सही है इस बारे में video बनाइये जो competative exam में पूछे जाते है । जैसे: way, path, road, track Notion, thought, idea, comprehension, gist Deliberately, intentionally, naturally Proficient, efficient Custom, tradition Imagination, imagery, imaginary Aim, goal, purpose, target Cool, freez, chill The hindu newspaper की reading करवाइये जिसमे words की meaning और sentence का sense क्या निकल रहा है और साथ ही साथ इसमे कहाँ क्या gammar use हुआ है ये भी बताया जाए । The hindu पढ़ते समय डिक्शनरी से words की meaning तो देख लेते है लेकिन sentence का sence या writer कहना क्या चाहता है ये नही समझ आता (मतलब शाब्दिक अर्थ तो निकल लेते है लेकिन भावात्मक अर्थ नही निकल पाते) S. P. Bakshi और M B बुक (Ajay k. Singh) को topic wise solve करवाइये, with explanation कि कहाँ क्या rules use हुआ है, और इस बात का ध्यान दिया जाए कि question में जो option दिया गया हो उनमे से अन्य option क्यों नही हो सकते और कौन सा option सही है। (मतलब जो option गलत है वो क्यों गलत है और जो ऑप्शन सही है वो क्यों सही है )
apko to follow karna banta
mam very nice lectures., but my request to you... plz start daily maths series...
Thank u mam for wonderful leason .it's help me lot. mam My name is samit Kumar dey. I am from odisha bhubaneswar .I just started preparing for upsc .so I need your help and guidance.actaually I have eye problem .so I cannot read books & newspaper manually because I could not see small size letter of books and newspaper .I only follow intranet .I should totally depend on laptop & mobile so that I can zoom it and read I am thankful to u if you help me .please guide me how to prepare upsc exam through only internet.if donot mind you can send links or preparetion pdf.. so how to prepare subjective paper like easy or upsc mains through internet only .plz give me so guidance .below i gave my number 9658305686 7008363789 plzzzzzzzz help me.
  1. Reading Comprehension: Daily Practice series Presented by - Khushbo

  2. Hi! I am Khushboo I have done BCA from DAV College, Jalandhar. PGDCA from SVSU Have around 3 years of experience in teaching Hobbies Cycling, collecting goggles, inculcating imaginativee and creative thoughts among children Follow- rajput

  3. UPSC CSE Aspirants Other exams

  4. 20 Objectives 1. Clearing CSAT Paper II 2. Clearing all the concepts with examples.

  5. 1. Daily practice set. 2. Includes everything whichever is important from UPSC prelims point of view 3. A few days to be THE HINDU Daily News Paper completely dedicated to various concepts e.g. Assumptions, C etc. onclusion, 4. Includes previous year papers as well.

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